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The IDEA Principle is our Magna Carta. It is based on our values and philosophy that create our added value for you.

Excellence through Passion

Incidentally, the IDEA principle is a matter of our own standards. Faith is our own virtue. We have very defined ideas on how we develop and service the dental community. In addition to maximum customer satisfaction they must comply with the high demands we make. What counts here are integrity, competence, excellence. And, naturally, passion. All this is important. So important that we integrate our faculty in the development process and demand a lot of them. Because we also demand a lot of ourselves. And we believe in partnership. The IDEA Principle is also about responsibility. To all dental professionals and to our patients, our heritage. We never forget our origins. And they are rooted in the interdisciplinary practice, where we are innovative and very successful. We concentrate on what we do best: patient care. And teach it. We love what we do.

We are a small company. We consider ourselves “The David among the Goliaths”. We are not intimidated by the goliaths in the industry. We are independent. Because we know one thing for sure. Our principle works. We set the standard for advanced continuing dental education. Others also know it. And ask our advice. We are glad to help – dental professionals and companies value and admire our opinion and relationship.

We believe in Partnership

In essence, IDEA represents the world’s most exciting, insprired academy for continuing dental education, with world-renowned faculty, state-of-the-art facility and outstanding personal services – for all dental professionals.

We are The World’s Leading Academy. IDEA.