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Enjoy enthusiatic testimonials. IDEA is well known for its outstanding high satisfaction rate in all areas -  world-renowned faculty, small group size, state-ot-the-art facility, outstanding service, as well as ….. warm friendship.

We are the Leading Academy of the World. IDEA.

I have been here four times already and plan more visits. What else can I say?

Frank Goodbold, Salem, OR

I would like to thank you and your staff for an outstanding experience. I found the facility to be first class. The course and instructor certainly exceeded my expectation. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will highly recommend this teaching to my friends and colleagues.

Michael Pikos, Palm Harbour, Florida

I shall come at least once a year to IDEA, … Do I have to tell more?
Thanks for the ability to call home for free.

Manuel Simas, Azores, Portugal

The facility and staff exceeded my expectations. This experience, learning with a small group of elite dentists from all around the world, is exceptional, …… a great value!

Patrick O’Leary, Boston, MA
We exceed Expectations. IDEA.

The facility, along with its philosophy is head and shoulders above any educational facility I’ve attended.  IDEA offers absolutely complete and capable multidisciplinary education. The energy is magic!

Monte Tourville, Seattle, WA

The best course and faculty I have been to since qualifying, ….. Bar none!

Zaki Kanaan, London, United Kingdom
You have once again exceeded my expectations (not to mention my cerebral capacity). I wouldn’t trade this experience, including the people I met, for much of anything. Thanks!

Les Plack, San Fransisco, CA
Excellence through Passion. IDEA.
I have taken most continuing education classes out there. This one ranks the best for facilty, services, and the quality of education experience.

Gordon West, Lafayette, CO

IDEA is a revolutionary facility, which every dentist should attend a program at. Pascal and Michel’s program was a truly amazing experience, well worth travelling half way around the world.
I’ll be back.!!

Graham Carmichael, Sydney, Australia

What a great combination of elite speakers, small group size, great fellowship, and excellent food. IDEA is The Best in continuing dental education!

John Malcolm, Oakdale, MN
What we do, we do best. IDEA.

Great course! The facility and quality of content was outstanding. Because of the small number of participants there was a great opportunity to share questions and experiences. Faboulus learning experience!

Rob Rideau, San Mateo, CA

Over the past 35 years, I have taken literally hundreds of seminars, most of them hands-on. This is by far the most organized and best-equipped hands-on facility that I’ve ever had the pleasure to take a course at. How energizing! I will definitely be back.”

Peter Kirmeier, Westminster, CO
IDEA is a playground for Dentistry.

It’s refreshing to attend a course that is not backed by a dental company. Best class I’ve attended in years.  You can utilize all the information immediately. I highly recommend the course to my colleagues.

Bill Feldman, Riverdale, GA

This has been by far the best and most comprehensive course I have taken. I love the small group discussion and interaction.

Stacy Moffenbier, Omaha, NE

Great people. Fantastic professionals. I felt the best comparing to any other educational programs. I’ll be back for sure!

Iustina Verdes, Bukarest, Romania
Learn, Explore, Enjoy, Live. IDEA.

Imagine a place where wishes a granted before they are spoken, ……… IDEA!

Karin Seiler, Innsbruck, Austria
The course with John West was an unique experience for me. My endodontic skills increased tremendously and I am looking forward to every gangrenous tooth or inflamed pulp! The outstanding practical part and the step by step approach made the implementation into my practice immediately possible. My endodontic treatment is now very successful and increased my practice reputation a lot. I tell every colleague about this outstanding course at IDEA.

Ralph Dietrich, Muenster, Germany
The IDEA experience will foreverchange the way you practice.

It was a wonderful experience in a well-run and well-presented course.  The instructor was challenging, inspiring and amazing.  The running of the course, attention to detail and the catering were outstanding.  The unique atmosphere of a big family and friendship of the group was a welcome surprise.

Dr. Stephen Yeung, Sydney, Australia

Five star speakers in a five star facility with outstanding hosting. Perfect environment for postgraduate training. Thank you IDEA!

Jorge Fissandro, Toledo, Spain

We love what we do. IDEA.

IDEA offers a complete learning facility—they have a superb environment, five-star food and five-star service throughout the duration of the course. There is much fun learning to be had.  IDEA is a must for all dentists who strive to be better.

Paula Richardson, Ilchester, U.K.

IDEA is amazing. The entire staff made a lasting impression. The sophisticated technology and professional presentation were a true inspiration to me as a dental technician. Thanks.

Eleyse Anderson, Austin, TX

The IDEA experience blends excellent clinical and lecture presentation with unique social interaction among participants around the world.

Richard Gagne, Oxnard, CA
We are the Leading Academy of the World. IDEA.