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There is one unique pulse, which connects your office to our academy, that together, we have a passion for dentistry. Our daily goal is to bring that passion for dentistry to life.

IDEA stands for Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy. IDEA also stands for ‘Hear it. See it. Do it.’ – because we know the importance of Hands-On training.

From general practitioner to specialist – because of the small class size of 16 - our courses are designed to allow every participant to progress at their own pace. We create a learning environment that establishes a mentoring relationship between instructor and participant.

The IDEA experience will forever change the way you practice.

We are living our passion for dentistry. IDEA courses provide the full range of all dental disciplines. And IDEA courses are based on research. The selection of courses is designed to bring participant skills to the highest level. Over all - to give the best options for optimal patient care.

Today’s dentistry is more than only esthetics. Complex cases can be solved through a comprehensive approach to care and by utilizing appropriate specialties.

At IDEA optimal esthetics meet optimal function.

Modern Gnathology. Our courses cover diagnostics and treatment planning which analyze occlusion, function and the Cranio-Mandibular System. We know the importance of stable results. And how to fulfill the objectives of esthetics, function, and health. Create your practice for complex cases.

In essence, IDEA offers the highest standard of dental education. Get the most of our professional expertise, innovative concepts and outstanding inspiration that bring our company claim to life – Excellence through Passion.

Grow with The Leading Academy. IDEA.