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  IDEA - Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy

State-of-the-Art Simulation Laboratory
Each participant has a fully-equipped lab station and receives immediate and constant feedback and guidance from the instructor. We know that learning is solidified and enhanced by practice. Hands-On is our base. Therefore, our custom built lab represents the highest standard of equipment.

Each lab station includes:
Custom articulating KaVo mannequin
KaVo electric and air driven hand pieces
KaVo lab motor and hand piece
Global six stage microscopes
Camera mounted in each microscope to broadcast participant’s work for easy viewing by lecturer
Flat screen monitors at each station to view both participant’s and instructor’s work
Each participant has access to IDEA’s fully equipped commercial dental laboratory

Live Demonstration Operatory
IDEA’s innovative demonstration operatory is equipped for interaction during live procedures. A sophisticated audiovisual system allows the participants to seamlessly see and communicate with the instructor. This advanced technology gives the participants in the classroom exceptional visibility and verbal interaction with the operator during the procedures.

Multimedia Classrooms
The sophisticated multimedia classrooms are equipped with every imaginable piece of modern audiovisual equipment. This allows the instructor to teach at the highest level without any compromise.

IDEA Imaging Center
IDEA imaging center has the most modern digital radiographic and photographic imaging equipment. Cone Beam technology merged with 3D photography is just one of the many highlights.

IDEA is a Playground for Dentistry.

This complex range of outstanding equipment has been assembled to meet the specific needs of the dental professionals. Combining exciting design and outstanding quality with world-renowned technical innovation sets IDEA apart. What we do, we do best.

We Exceed Expectations. IDEA.