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IDEA is founded, owned and managed by:

Robert E. Lamb
D.D.S., M.S.D.

Heike Krämer
Dr. Med. Dent., M.Sc.
Vice President

Anna Markosian
Operations Manager

Yvette Velasquez
Course Assistant

Marjorie Quispe
Course Assistant

A Great Idea

IDEA’s history is a tribute to the partners and their team,
whose passion for dentistry transformed the vision of
excellence into reality.

IDEA was founded by Bob Lamb in 2002. Driven by his
passion for dentistry and teaching, his goal has always
been to bring committed and forward-thinking dental
professionals together, and to offer them high level education
with the world’s most renowned faculty in an outstanding and
innovative environment. His “Hear it. See it. Do it.’ approach
combined with his passion for excellence has made IDEA unique.
In 2005, Heike Kraemer came on board as a partner. With
her dental expertise and management skills, IDEA moved to
a higher level. Educated by Prof. Slavicek, she also brought
comprehensive and scientific concepts of Function and
Occlusion to IDEA. Now, the circle to be really interdisciplinary
was closed. In a very short time, high-level dentistry all around
the world has recognized and respects the uniqueness of
IDEA. Based on that, IDEA has become the world’s leading
advanced dental education academy, considered to be - a 
‘Playground for Dentistry’.

Our Mission

We educate passsionate dentists and dental technicians with
integrity, excellence, and diligence; we fulfill the highest market
expectations as we are driven by dentists for dentists, and for
all dental professionals.

Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to constantly fulfill the needs and exceed
the expectations of the dentists and technicians, who strive
for the best patient care and drive their business forward,
constantly. We are pleased to be hosting you at IDEA with
our passion for excellence. We guarantee you a successful,
joyful and unforgettable experience.

Robert E. Lamb

Heike Krämer

Excellence through Passion. IDEA.