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Hear it. See it. Do it.

It is our approach to education that really sets IDEA apart. This fully integrated training delivers high quality skills, which immediately upgrade your office and patient care.

Discover the wealth of expertise at IDEA. Our world-renowned instructors discuss their area of excellence with the small group of 16 participants in an interactive forum. The procedures and techniques are then demonstrated, when appropriate, on live patients.

Experience intense Hands-On training in IDEA’s state-of-the-art simulation laboratory. Our innovative courses meet the specific needs of all dental professionals. And this enables them to return to their office with a high confidence in the newly developed skills.

Our goal – to empower you and drive your practice forward.

Learn, explore, enjoy, live. In addition, our sophisticated programs are designed to provide a relaxed environment for one-on-one conversations with our internationally respected faculty. During meals and evening social time, participants discuss practice styles, philosophies, techniques, and treatment planning of their difficult cases with both faculty and peers from around the world.

IDEA cares. IDEA training programs go far beyond course activity. Participants only book their flight and we take care of the rest.

And very important. IDEA is privately owned. We pay all of the IDEA instructor honorariums. IDEA is a ‘pure teaching’ educational acdemy. We are independent.

In a very short time, high-level dentistry all around the world has recognized and respects the uniqueness of IDEA.

Discover a new world of education. IDEA.