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Three Year Orthodontic Program: Orthodontics related to Function, Occlusion and the Craniomandibular System

May 16 - 19 /Aug 8 - 11 /
Nov 28 - Dec 1/ March, 2019
2020 - 2021: TBD

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Sadao Sato,
D.D.S., Ph.D.

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Heike Kraemer,
Dr. med. dent., M.Sc.

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Reasons to join this course: 

This program is addressed to all general dentists who have realized that orthodontics has become a fundamental cornerstone of their restorative / prosthetic treatment plan to achieve good function and minimal invasive treatment, and to all orthodontists who are looking for new treatment options in regards to complex cases with treatment alternatives to orthognathic surgery, premolar extractions, extra-oral forces and treatment for malocclusions with dysfunction. 

Why Orthodontics for the General Practitioner?
It is obvious that with new dental techniques and materials, we are able to perform truly minimally-invasive dentistry. Under this aspect Orthodontics stands out as another important technique to provide minimally invasive treatment for our patients. Rather than changing tooth position through extensive restorative work, the correct position and angulation should be achieved through orthodontic treatment. As in the past, where hygiene and periodontics became inseparable connected with restorative dentistry, today, orthodontics has become another cornerstone for the comprehensive, interdisciplinary active dentist.

Why the “Sato” concept for the Orthodontic Specialist?
Traditional orthodontics and also traditional dentistry is treating teeth as if they would be independent units, only related to each other. This approach works in some cases. In many other cases, challenges occur already during treatment or shortly after the treatment is finished. On average, 5 - 10 years after orthodontic treatment many cases relapse, patients start observing tooth migration, feeling interferences, bites are opening or patients observe symptoms like joint clicking, neuromuscular or TMJ pain. These findings are reactions due to the lack of adaption of the masticatory system.

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What is different in the “Sato” concept compared to any other orthodontic concept in the world?

Early in his career, Prof. Sato faced his own orthodontic failures and relapses through long-term observation of his patients. This made him realize that another approach in orthodontics is necessary to achieve predictable longevity and triggered significant research.
Today, Prof. Sato’s approach takes into consideration not only tooth movement, but also the adaptation capacity of the mandible and joints. Despite the presence of numerous cosmetic techniques, this concept is based on solid functional principles. The principle of mandibular adaption, which occurs naturally in human growth, can be applied in orthodontic therapy. This allows obtaining stable results through etiological therapy rather than symptomatic treatment. 

Therefore, the “Sato” concept can achieve treatment results, which no other concept can achieve, like:

»    severe class II,  III and open bite cases treated with non-orthognathic-surgery and non-premolar-extraction

»    successful orthodontic treatment of dysfunctional patients

»    short-treatment-times (1.5y), short retention phase (3m)  and life-long stable treatment outcomes


The advantages of becoming a “Sato” Orthodontist

This concept will give you treatment options which will truly set your practice apart. Based on solid diagnostics you will be able to:

»    Plan treatment that occurs predictable

»    Treat patients avoiding surgery and premolar-extraction

»    Achieve stable results

»    Stand out in your community

»    Predictably treat cases that cannot be treated with conventional orthodontics

The Orthodontic mechanics:
All of this is achieved with simple mechanics, rather than a complexity of orthodontic tools or extra-oral forces. Wire bending takes max. 15 minutes. Usually the same wire is used over the entire course of treatment.

The Program schedule:
The modular structure of 3 to 4 day segments allows you to continue your practice and to attend this program. The interactive format of lectures, patient presentation, intense hands-on and live patient treatment allows participants to fully intergate the “Sato” concept into their interdiciplinary practice. This format has been sucessfully taught for over 20 years to thousands of Dentists and Orthodontis from Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Japan, Korea, Russia, and China.

For the detailed program.PDF click here

Discover a new world of dental education


"This is a must program for anyone that is serious about their diagnostic protocols that will influence their patients options and choices!"
Kevin Mueller, General Practitioner, Sun City West, AZ

"The greatest approach and instruction in the world!"

Gabriel Mannarino, General Practitioner, Williston, VT


"I have been in practice for 23 years and I wish I had taken this course from the onset of my clinical practice. You should not practice dentistry unless you take this continuum first."

Ellie Dary, General Practitioner, Oakley, CA


"This course was a real eye opener. The academic & technical interaction is prefect and every clinical statement is based upon scientific knowledge & expertise."

Geert De Zutter, Orthodontist, Turnhout, Antwerp, Belgium


"I wish, the knowledge that we acquired from this Continuum, is to implement in my early years of practice. Heike and Professor Sato are amazing, leading the philosophy educators."

Ahn Khieu, General Practitioner, Tyrone, GA


"2nd time I'm here. I am reinforced in my belief in being a happy dentist who's a master at my work. The material starts to coalesce, Brilliant! Once in a life time opportunity."

Hao Rong, General Practitioner, San Jose, CA


"Mind blowing and absolute unique information! This is my second course at IDEA and now I can say that this is the place that provides knowledge and expertise to their highest level. What I've learned at IDEA has changed my treatment approach to my patients. Thank you IDEA!"

Petros Kokkinos, Orthodontist, Limassol, Cyprus


"Without biased information given by economical interest is excellent and evidence based up to date clinical hands on course. Thank you for your professional gift."

Michael Sostmann, Orthodontist, Hannover, Germany


"As a lab Tech for over 40 years, IDEA has sparked my passion and a new direction for another 40 years! Bravo IDEA!"

 Frank Mercurio, Dental Technician, Kensington, CA

Course Package includes:
  • Exciting Course Days
    World renowned instructors. The best in their field.
    Small groups. One-on-one mentoring.

    Intense hands-on training.
    Bring your own cases. Discuss techniques and issues relevant to your practice.
    Networking with like-minded professionals from around the world.
    Independent. All
     honorariums are paid by IDEA.
  • Advanced Course Materials
    State-of-the-art facility that sets the standard. Equipment, instruments, course supplies, and hand-outs.
  • Transportation
    Local transportation between the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and IDEA's partner hotel, and between the partner hotel and the IDEA facility.
  • Hotel
    Accommodations at the partner hotel, beginning the night prior to the course and ending the morning after the course. An additional guest can stay for free with you in the hotel.
  • Meals
    IDEA’s in-house chef serves breakfast and lunch, daily freshly prepared. You will also enjoy a "Welcome" Reception on the first evening and a Graduation Ceremony and "Celebration" Dinner on the last evening of the course.

All Inclusive
Course Package

$ 72,620  “Hotel” Option
$ 66,380  "No Hotel" Option

The tuition is payable in monthly installments.

The modular structure of 3 to 4 day modules allows you to continue your practice and to attend this program.

CE Credits


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