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Study Club in Orthodontics related to Occlusion, Function and the Craniomandibular System: Case Presentations, Lectures and Live Patients

Monthly - ongoing
By Invitation

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Sadao Sato,
D.D.S., Ph.D.

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Heike Kraemer,
Dr. med. dent., M.Sc.

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Robert Lamb,
D.D.S., M.S.D.

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Reasons to join this course: 

Following the repeated requests from IDEA alumni, we have established the IDEA Study Club in Orthodontics related to a Patient’s Individual Function and Occlusion. The purpose of this Study Club is to train participants in Orthodontic Treatment Planning and Treatment according to the concepts of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek and Prof. Sadao Sato.


The Study Club emphasizes case presentations by the participants, treatment planning and in depth discussions, lectures and patient treatment.


The instructors are:

Sadao Sato, D.D.S., Ph.D. - Orthodontist

Heike Krämer, Dr. med.dent., M.Sc. - Restorative Dentist

Robert Lamb, D.D.S., M.S.D. - Periodontist (consultant)


Participants will learn

»    Orthodontics with a non-surgical, non-premolar extraction treatment approach

»    To finalize treatment with long-term stable results and to avoid long retention

»   To avoid relapses and retreatment

»    To achieve treatment in time frames which are significantly shorter than in traditional orthodontics

»   To recognize dysfunctional patients and treat them with predictable outcomes


Achieve orthodontic results that most dentists can only dream of.


The benefit for you

»    Develop a reputation for orthodontics, which is highly predictable, minimally invasive and long-term stable

»    Raise your skills in case management from simple to complex

»    Put you and your practice in a whole different category compared to the other practitioners in your



Monthly on-going

You can attend as many or as few sessions as you desire


Discover a new world of dental education


"Orthodontic Treatment Based on Occlusal Plane Control" has been the only course that has drastically changed the way I practice orthodontics. Prof. Sato introduced us to eye opening concepts ranging from craniofacial development, orthodontic mechanics, and state-of-the-art orthodontic results with long term follow- ups which are unattainable with conventional orthodontic care.
As a new Orthodontist who has opened a private practice a year and half ago from scratch, I can honestly tell you that you cannot afford to miss this program regardless of your practice situation. The knowledge and skills learned here will separate you from other Orthodontists, provide higher treatment standards and confidence and ultimately have a positive impact in your practice bottom line."

Yoon Chang, Orthodontist, Carrollton, TX


"Dr. Sato has completely changed the way I view occlusion and orthodontics.  He thoughtfully "connects the dots" from the research lab to the clinical chair.  I can't wait to listen to his next lecture."
Miles Guyton, General Practitioner, San Jose, CA

The course information and quality of the faculty and the IDEA team are second to none. The knowledge I am gaining through my training at IDEA is invaluable to unlock a whole new way of practicing dentistry. It is an absolute game changer for our practice."
Chris Anderson, Orthodontist, Gilroy, CA 

In my opinion Dr. Sato might be the greatest orthodontist alive today."
Bas Wafelbakker, Orthodontist, Gilroy, CA

Course Package includes:
  • Exciting Course Days
    World renowned instructors. The best in their field.
    Small groups. One-on-one mentoring.

    Hands-on training.
    Bring your own cases. Discuss techniques and issues relevant to your practice.
    Networking with like-minded professionals from around the world.
    Independent. All
     honorariums are paid by IDEA.
  • Advanced Course Materials
    State-of-the-art facility that sets the standard.
    Equipment, instruments, course supplies, and hand-outs.

Course Tuition:
Lunch is included

$ 980  for two day session

CE Credits: