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Orthodontic Treatment based on Occlusal Plane Control: A Key for Successful Treatment of Different Types of Malocclusion with or without Dysfunctional Problems

September 23 - 28, 2019

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Sadao Sato,
D.D.S., Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae
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Reasons to join this course: 


This very interactive and intense hands-on program is a unique opportunity for you to follow the concepts of Sadao Sato for treatment of complex orthodontic cases. Through the integration of functional aspects into orthodontic therapy and the clear under­stand­ing of the importance of the occlusal plane amazing treatment outcomes arise.


Participants will learn

»    Growth of craniofacial structures - a new perspective

»    Principles of occlusal plane and mandibular adaptation

»    Development of skeletal malocclusions and occlusal plane configuration

»    Role of vertical dimension of posterior teeth for treatment of malocclusions


The benefit for you

»    Reduce treatment time dramatically

»    Significantly reduce orthognathic surgery and premolar extraction cases

»    Evidence based new orthodontic treatment options for the benefit of your patients


Raise your orthodontic treatment to the highest level.


Explore, enjoy and take this course

»    Skeletal Class III-open bite - development and  treatment without surgery

»    Mandibular lateral displacement (MLD) - development and treatment

»    Class II malocclusion and mandibular adaptation treatment

»    Diagnosis of malocclusion: ODI/APDI, articulator, axiograph

»    Concept and rules of functional occlusion for orthodontists

»    Orthodontic treatment of malocclusion with dysfunctional problems

»    Sequence of orthodontic treatment - step by step

»    Treatment mechanics (MEAW)


For the detailed program PDF. click here


Discover a new world of dental education


"The information presented by Dr. Sato is a complete paradigm shift in orthodontics diagnosis and treatment planning. I'll never look at malocclusion the same way."
Robert Norris, Orthodontist, San Antonio, TX


“The techniques and principles learned in this course have the capacity to fundamentally change the treatment of Class II, Class III and open bite malocclusion. This technique should be in every orthodontist's toolbox."

Ed Brown, Orthodontist, Pascagoula, MS


Dr. Sadao Sato’s concept on correcting malocclusions based on the control of the occlusal plane has changed my way of treating malocclusions so remarkably and better. I wished I knew this when I began my practice."
Randal Morita, Orthodontist, Aiea, HI


"I expected a lot, but was blown away by the quality of the instruction and data backing it up."
James Fruge, Orthodontist, Baton Rouge, LA

"This was a mind-bending course. I will use this information throughout my career for diagnosis and treatment planning."
Wes Cardall, Orthodontist, Bakersfield, CA


"Orthodontic Treatment Based on Occlusal Plane Control" has been the only course that has drastically changed the way I practice orthodontics. Prof. Sato introduced us to eye opening concepts ranging from craniofacial development, orthodontic mechanics, and state-of-the-art orthodontic results with long-term follow- ups, which are unattainable with conventional orthodontic care."
Yoon Chang, Orthodontist, Carrollton, TX


"When I started my orthodontic center, I thought I had all the tools I needed to diagnose and treat the tough cases. After 20+ years in practice, I knew a good orthodontic education/program only gets you so far. I would recommend this course for anyone that wants to take their clinical practice to the next level; a level that will give you and your patients the functionally stable, clinically excellent outcomes that you both deserve."
Page Hudson, Orthodontist, Oxnard, CA


Dr. Sato teaches the occlusion and function oriented orthodontics in relation to the craniomandibular system. A very accurate diagnosis, based on condylograph, cephalometrics and all these information transferred to articulator mounted casts is included in this course. Once you step into it, I'm sure it will help you to set the standard of dental service we provide to the highest possible level!"
Petros Kokkinos, Orthodontist, Limassol, Cyprus 


"Drs. Sato, Kraemer and Wafelbakker have opened up my eyes to the etiologies of malocclusion and the proper way to treat these problems. It is very different from the conventional approach we are taught in school, but I believe it will be a game changer for my practice." 
Matthew McBride, Orthodontist, Plano, TX


This is easily the best orthodontic course that I have ever taken. Dr. Sato is an amazing orthodontist. I have learned so much information that has me now looking at my cases differently."
Marcus Kai, Orthodontist, San Jose, CA


This has been the most thought provoking and enjoyable orthodontics seminar of my 30 year orthodontic journey." 
Dean Leonard, Orthodontist, Albert Lea, MN  


"Dr. Sato, Heike, Bas presented a very comprehensive course on occlusion based on occusal plane control. This is an entirely different approach to Orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment sequencing that all Orthodontists should be exposed to." 
Bill Schmohl, Orthodontist, San Rafael, CA


"From my first contact and the staff and Doctors at IDEA I knew I was about to experience something special. I have been a Dentist for more than 35 years and an Orthodontist for more than 30 years and I can say without hesitation this is the first course and facility I have ever encountered." No matter what you are of dental expertise is the course's effort. This will make you a better more well-rounded dentist. Dr. Bob Lamb, President IDEA, has grateful the finest practitioners in the dental world to establish this center for dental education."

John Mariotti Orthodontist, Scranton, PA

“The information we are provided here at IDEA by Prof. Sato is UNIQUE. I  consider myself as one of the few lucky professionals who had the opportunity to attend Dr. Sato's course. It gave us a completely new perspective to how we should all diagnose and treat our patients. After 21 years of private practice, this course made me feel professionally regenerated.”"
Petros Kokkinos, Orthodontist, Limassol, Cyprus


"The quality of this course is unmatched."
 Brian Bons, Orthodontist, Pembroke Pines, FL

Course Package includes:
  • Exciting Course Days
    World renowned instructors. The best in their field.
    Small groups. One-on-one mentoring.

    Intense hands-on training.
    Bring your own cases. Discuss techniques and issues relevant to your practice.
    Networking with like-minded professionals from around the world.
    Independent. All
     honorariums are paid by IDEA.
  • Advanced Course Materials
    State-of-the-art facility that sets the standard. Equipment, instruments, course supplies, and hand-outs.
  • Transportation
    Local transportation between the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and IDEA's partner hotel, and between the partner hotel and the IDEA facility.
  • Hotel
    Accommodations at the partner hotel, beginning the night prior to the course and ending the morning after the course. An additional guest can stay for free with you in the hotel.
  • Meals
    IDEA’s in-house chef serves breakfast and lunch, daily freshly prepared. You will also enjoy a "Welcome" Reception and "Networking" dinner on the first evening, a "Friendship" dinner on the third evening and the Graduation Ceremony and "Celebration" dinner on the last evening of the course. 

All Inclusive
Course Package:

$ 11,510  "Hotel" Option
$ 10,610 "No Hotel" Option

CE Credits: