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The Advanced Endodontic Skills Workshop: How Far Can You Go?

May 11 - 12, 2018

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John West,
D.D.S., M.S.D.

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Jordan West,
D.D.S., M.S.D.

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Reasons to join this course: 

Let’s call it the “Challenging, Trouble shooting, Solution, Fine Tuning” class. This extraordinary advanced course is only available to IDEA Endodontic Alumni. It is highly personalized class and builds up on your endodontic experience since the four-day course and elevates you to the next level. YOU will tell us in advance what you want to learn and John and Jordan West will set up the exact clinical scenario. After this course you will act like an endodontist in your skills of more complicated endodontic challenges. 


Participants will learn:

»    How to do Endodontic Retreatments successfully and how to make this skill profitable

»    How to find and follow Calcified and Curved Canals, esp. under a crown

»    How to prevent and correct Blocks, Ledges, and Transportations

»    How to remove Broken Instruments and Posts

»    How to Master your Endodontic Routine 


The benefit for you:

»    Way before this class, John and Jordan West will collaborate with YOU to determine EXACTLY what YOU

     want to learn from this training. 

»    Teaching, coaching, and learning already start before the course. You will get assignments to prepare and

     arrive ready to go

»    This is pure technique class. The difference between the Basic and Advanced is clear. 95% of the Advanced

     course time is spent in the lab improving individual skills and increasing confidence, competency, and



Raise your endodontic treatment to the highest level


Learn, explore, enjoy and take this course:

»    How to decide endo vs. implant and nonsurgical vs. surgical

»    When and how to preserve the child’s underformed endodontically diseased permanent tooth

»    How to successfully remove crowns and bridges for endodontic treatment 

»    What to do if you were to perforate

»    How and when to use SingleWave vs. MultiWave vertical compaction of warm gutta-percha technique

»    How to restore the endodontically treated tooth

»    How to become smart at making your more challenging endodontics profitable


Discover a new world of dental education


"This is a "fine tuning" course from the first course I attended. What I learned from the last course has greatly improved my endodontic skills. But coming back again is really worth it!“

Evelyn Sy, General Practitioner, Richmond, Canada 


“This is the second course by Dr. John West that I’ve attended at IDEA. John is not only a master clinician, but he is a master teacher and all around a great guy. John and IDEA have at both times exceeded my expectations. Thank you!”

Alexander Lee, Endodontist, Sydney, NSW, Australia


“Without doubt, the most beneficial program I have ever taken!  I have no hesitation recommending IDEA to my colleagues.” 

Robert English, General Practitioner, Havre, MT


“It was the best educational experience I've ever had. John, Bob and Heike are the winning team. Thanks for everything.”

Konstantinos Asimakopoulos, General Practitioner, Peristeri, Greece


“This is the second course I have taken with Dr. West and each time he has exceeded my expectations. I leave the course with an incredible respect for the root canal system. He taught me more about patience than anyone else.”

Amit Chaudhry, General Practitioner, Ancaster, ON, Canada


“This experience exceeded expectations from the beginning. The course was incredible.  Last, but not the least, the food definitely prepared by an experienced chef.”

Bart Tirrell, Endodontist, Olympia, WA


"If you hold yourself to a higher standard and desire to develop an exemplary skillset in a diverse array of disciplines then IDEA is an absolute must."

Randy Krumme, General Practitioner, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"The courses here get me excited about the profession and make me strive to be a better clinician."

Vincent E. Smith, General Practitioner, Washington, D.C

"I love the personal contact between the course instructors and students. We are on a first name basis and I feel so comfortable asking questions. I always leave satisfied and ready to implant the new knowledge every time."

Khalfani Walker, General Practitioner, Washington, D.C.

"I really appreciate the excellence and intelligence of the course.”

Wahid Elbahr, Endodontist, Seattle, WA


“Again, I had the honor of learning from the crazy loveable John West, whose passion, vision, and pursuit of the holy grail of ultimate endodontics is both contagious and inspiring. He challenges you to disregard excuses and faulty thinking; to understand, believe and go deeper into dental knowledge and realize your goals and abilities at the highest levels.

If you want to be the best and aspire to provide the finest endodontics the world can offer, you’ll need to spend time with John West.  As expected, Bob, Heike and the IDEA Team's efforts are gracious, high quality and satisfying. Many thanks for a hell of a good ride.”

Olan Parr, General Practitioner, Culpeper, VA

Course Package includes:
  • Exciting Course Days
    World renowned instructors. The best in their field.
    Small groups. One-on-one mentoring.

    Intense hands-on training.
    Bring your own cases. Discuss techniques and issues relevant to your practice.
    Networking with like-minded professionals from around the world.
    Independent. All
     honorariums are paid by IDEA.
  • Advanced Course Materials
    State-of-the-art facility that sets the standard. Equipment, instruments, course supplies, and hand-outs.
  • Transportation
    Local transportation between the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and IDEA's partner hotel, and between the partner hotel and the IDEA facility.
  • Hotel
    Accommodations at the partner hotel, beginning the night prior to the course and ending the morning after the course. An additional guest can stay for free with you in the hotel.
  • Meals
    IDEA’s in-house chef serves breakfast and lunch, daily freshly prepared. You will also enjoy the "Graduation Ceremony" and a "Celebration" Dinner on the last evening of the course. 


All Inclusive
Course Package:

$ 4,610  “Hotel” Option
$ 4,160  "No Hotel" Option

CE Credits: