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Predictable Aesthetics and Longevity with Bonded Porcelain Restorations

January 17 - 20, 2013
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Pascal Magne,
Dr. med. dent., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae
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Michel Magne,
B.S., M.D.T.

Curriculum Vitae
Reasons to join this course: 

This course will be an intense hands-on experience for all practitioners wishing to refine or upgrade their skills and understanding of anterior bonded restorations. Esthetics and function are equal concerns when restoring the anterior dentition. However, the excessive strength of conventional prosthetic restorations such as gold and metal ceramic crowns can transfer tremendous stress to the roots and can result in root fractures. Therefore, the modulation of strength of the tooth-restoration complex should be considered to avoid stress transfer and catastrophic failures.

Learn, enjoy and take out of this course:

  • Modern concepts in restorative dentistry with new solutions
  • How bonded ceramics are stress distributors
  • How the bonded tooth-restoration-complex supports occlusal force and masticatory function
  • How the combination of both composites and ceramics reproduce the original stiffness of a tooth and modulate the tooth-restoration strength.

The excellent overall clinical behavior of porcelain laminate veneer bonded teeth in terms of fracture rates, micro-leakage, de-bonding and soft tissue response is generally well recognized and proven by clinical studies.


The key concept:

    Indications for bonding porcelain are extending to more perilous situations (worn-down, non-vital or crown-fractured teeth), resulting in considerable improvements, comprising both the medical-biological aspect and the socio-economical context (ie, decrease of costs when compared to traditional and more invasive prosthetic treatments).

    Knowledge of biomechanical principles and tooth preparation techniques is fundamental to create optimum conditions for the dental ceramist in the fabrication of the porcelain work piece.

    The meticulous application and handling of modern composite resin technology including dentin adhesives of the latest generation will, in turn, guarantee the reliability and longevity of the bonding.

    The optimal stiffness of porcelain, the ideal surface characteristics, and the biomechanical continuum achieved through high performance bonding mean the crown of the tooth as a whole can support incisl or masticatory function. By the same token, the conduction of optical effects from within the tooth combined with the ideal surface features of the porcelain piece make this restorative approach the ultimate in esthetic satisfaction.


The key benefits:

  • Biomimetics: definition and principles
  • Evolution of indications for bonded ceramic restorations: new scientific evidence
  • Diagnostic approach: additive wax-up and acrylic mock-up
  • Tooth preparation: step by step rationale and immediate dentin bonding
  • Ceramic stratification: evolution of the refractory die technique
  • Luting procedures: step-by step rationale, finishing and maintenance protocol.



The Magne brothers are absolutely terrific.   Pascal's course changed the way I do posterior composites and ceramics and Michel's gifted artistry brings alive the compassion he has for dentistry. The combination of the two is not to be missed. Thanks,
Bettina McBeth, GP, Garners, Pennsylvania
Excellent course. Will come back again.   Magne brothers are mind blowing. Will surely change my way of doing cosmetic dentistry.  
Neeraj Parson, GP, Salisbury, Wilshire, UK
A great "Team Event" taught by the greatest Dentist/Technician team there is. Outstanding!
Rick Durkee, GP, Phoenix, Arizona
The Magne brothers are absolutely fantastic. CE does not get any better than this: "Rockstar" clinicians in a small intimate setting, four solid days in a great facility with wonderful staff and great food. And you get Bob and Heike on top. What else could one possibly want?   
Sandra Hulac, GP, Hong Kong, China
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