Implant Dentistry - Fundamentals & Beyond: Surgical and Prosthetic Protocols for Predictable and Long-term Success
July 16 - 19, 2025

Course Overview

Confident Implant Placement

Implant Predictability and Peri-implant Tissues

Confident implant placement is a very successful treatment option when certain parameters are respected. However, insufficient peri-implant tissues or unexpected conditions during implant placement will result in compromised outcomes, failing osteointegration, or delayed peri-implantitis.

Charles Khoury will teach you the clinical skills for the entire implant spectrum, and all relevant subjects in the state-of-the art of surgical and prosthetic protocols will be addressed in lecture, demonstration and hand-on.

Implant Predictability and Peri-implant Tissues

This surgical course in confident implant placement is addressed to all dentists aiming to increase the long-term success rate in their implant outcomes and to beginners who want to get a safe start in implant predictability and peri-implant tissues.

Diagnostic considerations, proper treatment planning, soft and hard tissue conditions, and prosthetics before, during, and after implant placement are the contributing factors for immediate and long-term success in confident implant placement.

Whether you have placed implants, and you are frustrated about some outcomes and you realize the contributing factors for success, or you are ready for implant placement and want to start with profound knowledge and surgical skills to enhance peri-implant tissues, this course will get you from where you are to where you want to be, and beyond.

Gain Increased Confidence in Implant Placement and Tissue Enhancement 

State-of-the art in implant dentistry is based on biological principles, clinical and scientific evidence, and the prosthetically driven approach. This Confident implant Placement course represents and teaches these principles.

Based on his clinical expertise and research on implant surgical procedures, Charles Khoury will provide you with clear guidelines for the different scenarios in implant placement and for peri-implant tissue stability.

Tissue regeneration – one of the most important topics in implant dentistry today

A large section of this course is dedicated to soft tissue handling around implants. You will upgrade your clinical skills in all necessary soft tissue procedures for peri-implant stability and improved tissue esthetics.

After this course, your peri-implant tissues will become more stable and esthetic, and your implant success rate will significantly increase.

Impress your Patients with Simpler Procedures and One-Stage-Surgery for Implants

Minimal invasive bone grafting at the time of implant insertion will be taught for moderately difficult cases. Core graft technique and local bone chip harvesting for peri-implant grafting is another strong aspect of this course.

You will learn to use the benefits of autogenous bone grafting. Based on the advantages of autogenous tissues, in many cases, you will be able to reduce the number of surgical procedures and to achieve faster healing times.

Experience higher Predictability in your Surgical Results – Autogenous Tissues

This confident implant placement course is based on biological concepts and the potential of hard and soft tissue regeneration of the recipient site.

By understanding this potential (this is one of the major goal of this course), it will lead you for a better decision to when, where, why and how to insert an implant, that not only will give you an instant result but also a long term predictable successful one.

Prevent Troubles and Complications in Implant Placement

You will learn how to avoid or eliminate troubles coming along your way and you will be prepared to recognize possible complications and how to solve them.

This comprehensive course will raise the bar of your implant practice. You will be able to achieve predictable results for simple to moderate implant sites, for single and multiple implants, in all areas, posterior and anterior.

Increase the Success Rate of your Implant Placement 

After this course on confident implant placement, you will be able to place the majority of your implants in complete safety.

You will master the implant fundamental protocols and beyond:

» Diagnostics: implant treatment planning and sequence of treatment

» Reliable surgical guide following radiographic and clinical findings

» Prosthetically driven implant placement

» Different kind of incisions, flap designs, and suturing, based on biological concepts

» Important aspects of drilling sequence & implant insertion

» Soft tissue handling for peri implant gingival stability & improved esthetics

» Hard and soft tissue improvement by using taping drills or bone condensers/expanders

» Minimal invasive bone grafting with implant insertion for moderately difficult cases

» Soft tissue enhancement – during implant insertion or second stage surgery?

» Immediate or delayed implant insertion?

» Immediate restoration

» Immediate loading when, why and how?

» All available implant prosthetic accessories and implant-abutment connections

» Impression taking and prosthetic reconstruction options

» Management of complication

» Use the benefit of autogenous tissues and their superiority

» Reduce the number of implant surgical procedures

» Experience higher predictability in your surgical results

Your Path in Predictable and Long-term Successful Implant Dentistry 

This comprehensive hands-on course with Charles Khoury will take your implant practice to the next level.

To receive all details for Charles Khoury’s comprehensive implant course, please request the daily agenda.

Course Date
July 16 - 19, 2025
CE Credits 36
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 9,580 "Hotel Option"
$ 8,980 "No Hotel Option"
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What our Alumni Say

implant predictability tissue stability

"Another unique educational opportunity from IDEA. I am grateful to Dr. Khoury for providing the information that will bring my confidence and outcomes for my patients to the next level."

Denys Kovalchuk
General Practitioner, Mill Valley, CA
advanced implant placement

"This course made me think much more critically about the materials I use in my practice. I definitely see myself shifting away from biomaterials as I learn more from Dr. Khoury."

Pratiksha Amin
Periodontist, Stafford, TX
implant dentistry charles khoury

"IDEA is a great learning facility. Best CE in Dentistry"

John Harrington
General Practitioner, Orange Park, FL
implant dentistry hands on

"Thank you Dr. Khoury for your wonderful passion and enthusiasm. I enjoyed the long term follow-ups in your presentation. I look forward to practicing what you taught us. Thank you! "

Miles Guyton
General Practitioner, San Jose, CA
implant placement course

"Great speaker, great organization, great other alumni"

Xavier Sitges
General Practitioner, Barcelona, Spain

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