Heike Kraemer, Dr. med. dent., M.Sc.
Sadao Sato, D.D.S., Ph.D.
and Team

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Interdisciplinary Dentistry:
The Ultimate Program in Function, Occlusion, and TMJ for All Dentists, Dental Technicians, and Orthodontists

Continuum 2021: | Feb 3 - 6 | Mar 10 - 13 | Jun 9 – 12 | Sep 15 – 18
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Interdisciplinary Dentistry
    Heike Kraemer, Dr. med. dent., M.Sc.
    Sadao Sato, D.D.S., Ph.D.
    and Team
  • Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy - IDEA
    Continuum 2021: | Feb 3 - 6 | Mar 10 - 13 | Jun 9 – 12 | Sep 15 – 18
    San Francisco Bay Area
    CE Credits: 144
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Dr. Kraemer’s and Prof. Sato’s Occlusion Program is your best option to learn excellence in both functional and esthetic dentistry.

This Program will teach you Modern Occlusion Concepts and Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Dentistry. It covers everything from Occlusion, Function, TMD, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Initial therapy, including an understanding for stable Orthodontics. It will be an eye-opening experience about the complexity of the masticatory organ and the responsibility which it imposes on dentists and orthodontists.

The terms Cranio-mandibular Dentistry and Occlusion Medicine describe the extend of impact our profession has on teeth and the masticatory organ. Teeth dictate mandibular position and mandibular position plays the key role for dental health and successful treatment.

If you are looking for stable dentistry and orthdontics, for treatment of dysfunctional patients, if you desire to treat complex cases, if you want to improve your diagnostic and treatment planning skills, increase your case acceptance, if you are tired of single tooth dentistry or observing the breakdown or relapse of your own cases, you should join us.

In this program you will learn the relevant steps to make every case predictable and easy to treat. You will understand the underlying problems and you will be able to develop the correct treatment plan, “the red line to success”. Become a specialist of the masticatory organ and the problem solver in your area.

Occlusion of the 21st Century. With this program you find an advanced, evidenced-based concept for predictable and stable dentistry

This continuum is addressed to all dental professionals who wish to upgrade their practice in comprehensive and interdisciplinary dentistry. This course teaches comprehensive, evidence based diagnostics, interdisciplinary treatment planning and a path to dental health.

  • Meaning of function and occlusion and their relevance for the daily practice
  • Relationship of findings and symptoms and their underlying etiology
  • Relevant functional diagnostics to make every case easy
  • Frustrated of Repair Dentistry?
    Underlying cause – Why do patients continue to need dental treatment?
    Frustration of your own Failures?
  • Why relapse in Orthodontics? – why life-long retainers?
    Orthodontics: avoiding orthognathic surgery for severe skeletal classes and open bites
    Orthodontics: avoiding premolar extractions, removable-appliances, extra-oral forces
    Orthodontics: stable with only 3 month of retention – why no relapse?
    Orthodontic treatment for Esthetic Problems: is it just a local dental problem?
  • Your large patient pool: the 6-year molar – children: concept of overlay treatment to direct growth and development – avoiding removable appliances
  • Prosthetics
    The edentulous patient, partial edentulous, implant patient
    How to transition the complex patient into the stable final step?
    Severe wear case – underlying cause and treatment
  • The Airway
    Sleep Apnea Patient – key points for treatment
    Sleep Apnea Patient – avoiding removable appliances, surgery or aggressive prosthetics?
  • Symptomatic patient: Headaches, Migraine, Vertigo, Physical symptoms – Occlusal impact?
    The TMD patient – alternatives to lifelong splints?
    Get your patients out of splints (wheelchair, band aid) – appropriate dental treatment
    Do we really need TMJ specialists?
  • Demystify occlusion
    Signs and Symptoms of Occlusal Disease
    Guidance and control – is it measurable?
    What is occlusal plane? – consequences of its inclination
    Are Periodontal Problems related to Occlusion?
    Every dentist is an Occlusionist!
  • Want to understand the so easily used term “Function” – what does it really mean?
    Want to achieve predictably stable treatment outcomes?
  • The New Patient: First appointment – The one chance to make a difference!
    Identify the risk patient
  • Be in full control of the final outcome of your complex cases in every treatment step
    Looking for a Mentor? – Have somebody behind to guide you through complex cases
  • Do you have a difficult case?
    Bring your own cases: Treatment planning sessions
  • Finally understand the “bigger picture”
  • Realize the necessity of comprehensive functional diagnostics
  • Envision your future as a unique and very successful comprehensive practice
  • Recognize a path to get out of insurance restrictions
  • Become confident to treat complex cases with ease
  • Increase your case acceptance and patient satisfaction
  • Intense hands-on training
  • Training directly from world leading instructors
  • Small group size with a maximum of 16 participants, one-on-one mentoring
  • All honoraria are paid by IDEA: no corporate influence or manufacturer representatives on campus
  • State-of-the-art, simulation laboratory including a surgical microscope at each work station
  • Networking with like-minded professionals from around the world
  • Bring your own cases. Discuss techniques and issues relevant to your practice
  • Hotel accommodations, beginning the night prior to the course and ending the morning after the course
  • Local transportation between the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), IDEA’s partner hotel and the IDEA facility
  • Meals: IDEA’s in-house chef serves breakfast and lunch freshly prepared. You will also enjoy a “Welcome” Reception and “Networking” Dinner on the first evening and the Graduation Ceremony and “Celebration” Dinner on the last evening of the course

Discover a new World of Dental Education

Course Tuition – All Inclusive Course Package Per Module
$ 5,980 “Hotel” Option
$ 5,380 “No Hotel” Option
Total Program Tuition
$ 23,920 “Hotel” Option
$ 21,520 “No Hotel” Option


Only 2 Seats Left!
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