Three-Year Program in Orthodontics related to the Craniomandibular System: The Modern Approach to any kind of Malocclusion, Dysfunction, TMJ, Airway and Comprehensive Dentistry.
Starting: May 15 - 18, 2024

Course Overview

Orthodontic Course Sato Orthodontics

In modern dentistry, orthodontics has become inseparably linked to restorative dentistry, prosthetics, and periodontics to facilitate the treatment condition of these disciplines. At the same time there is a significant increase in dysfunctional patients consulting dental practices and presenting deteriorating dentitions, failing dental treatment, or developing severe physical symptoms.

These patients are looking for dentists who are able to provide answers and treatment options for the dysfunctional condition of their teeth and jaws.  Under this aspect, Orthodontics in the “Sato way” stands out as a fundamental concept for the general and orthodontic practice to treat dysfunctional patients and to achieve predictably functional stable treatment outcomes in all patients.

This Program will give you Completely New Treatment Options

Orthodontics is always a full mouth rehabilitation and therefore needs to be diagnosed and treatment planned in this perspective.

At the same time orthodontics is also the most minimally invasive treatment option, which makes it very valuable as pre-restorative treatment.

And orthodontic treatment can achieve treatment goals, which are impossible to achieve with any other dental disciplines, which is successfully treating dysfunctional patients into a functional state.

Modern Occlusion and a Paradigm Shift in Development and Growth

The IDEA orthodontic course is an exceptional program which thoroughly teaches the theoretical and practical aspects of Prof. Sato’s Concept of Cranio-Mandibular Orthodontics.

This orthodontic concept is based on Prof. Sato’s research on growth and occlusal plane. The alterations of occlusal plane and posterior vertical dimension leading to mandibular adaptation are the key aspects of this concept.

The treatment approach combines diagnostics and treatment planning with modern occlusion and a paradigm shift in understanding development and growth. The use of the multiloop (MEAW) and Gunmetal wires facilitate achieving the treatment goals.

This comprehensive approach is making “Sato”- Orthodontics the most powerful treatment option in dentistry because it can achieve treatment results which are impossible for any other orthodontic or interdisciplinary discipline.

“Sato” Orthodontics – the Gold Standard in Orthodontic Treatment

This orthodontic course is addressed to all general dentists who want to add orthodontics as a fundamental cornerstone to their interdisciplinary treatment offerings.

This orthodontic course is also addressed to all orthodontists who are looking for treatment alternatives to orthognathic surgery and premolar extractions, or who are not satisfied with the stability of their treatment results.

This Concept will make you to the Problem Solver in Your Area

This 3-year Orthodontic course goes way beyond just orthodontics. It teaches you the principles of dentistry and is beneficial for every patient of your practice.

If you are looking for the following treatment options, this orthodontic course is definitely for you:

» Functionally stable orthodontics
» Predictable treatment of symptomatic dysfunctional patients
» Successful approach to early treatment of children
» Avoiding PM-extraction in all cases
» Avoiding need for orthognathic surgery for even severe skeletal malocclusion Class III and II Open Bites, and Lateral deviations
» Predictable treatment of TMJ, Airway and Bruxism
» Short treatment time, simple mechanics, low forces
» No removable appliances, extra-oral forces, or retainers
» Pre-restorative orthodontics and interdisciplinary collaboration
» Etiology driven treatment approach
» Occlusion Medicine – a new concept in Dentistry
» Sato Concept of Cranio-Mandibular Orthodontics and Occlusion Treatment

“Sato” -Orthodontics – a unique Opportunity to prepare your Practice for the Future

The interactive format of lectures, case discussions, and hands-on enables to develop your clinical skills and to fully integrate the “Sato” – Orthodontics into your practice.

The modular structure of 3-to-4-day segments allows you to continue your practice and to attend this program.

By learning the “Slavicek / Sato” concept you are entering a dental world which stands out in the dental field.

This treatment approach will make your dentistry highly predictable and stable, your dental life much easier, and your practice outstanding.

You will become the problem solver way beyond your community

For more detailed information please request the daily agenda for this unique IDEA Program

Come, …Join us!

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Course Date
Starting: May 15 - 18, 2024
CE Credits 360
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 69,840 "Hotel Option"
$ 63,600 "No Hotel Option"
1 Sudden Opening- Your Opportunity for this Last Seat!
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What our Alumni Say


The course content is amazing; it feels like enlightenment!  It is a paradigm shift in ideology.  And the quality of the teaching is second to none, such advanced content delivered with such humility.

The whole team are amazing, so friendly and welcoming. It is a wonderful environment to learn in. Nothing is too much trouble. Thank you!

Nicola Ritchie
General Practitioner, Maidwell, United Kingdom

I admire the way Dr. Kraemer delivers her knowledge to us. She is very structured, precise, and generous. She reads your mind and can see where you are in the learning process. The lab experience is very effective to learn and to adopt the process.

Zeineb Kharouf
General Practitioner, Tunis, Tunisia

Best instructors for diving in deep and becoming a master head and shoulders above the rest.

Alexander Chukreeff
General Practitioner, San Francisco, CA

There are rare moments in my life where I learned something so profound that it brings tears to my eyes. There was a moment where Dr. Velasquez so eloquently explained the inner working of the human skull and how it relates to occlusion, just connected many dots for me.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn from those who are so passionate about the art and science of dentistry and how it affects the whole person.

Jenny Stevens
Prosthodontist, Honolulu, HI

I am still at the beginning, but this course is exciting and promising. Nowhere I would learn how, why, and when to intervene in early childhood development to affect the overall growth and potential. Also, how to set up my cases pre-restoratively for stability with occlusion and function afterwards, and longevity of my patient's dentition.

Aleksandra Shaykova
General Practitioner, Lake Mary, FL

I wish I attended the courses at IDEA earlier.

PeiWei Hsu
General Practitioner, Taipei, Taiwan

This program has been very eye opening. The material covered is something so important that it is shocking that we (as dentists) haven't been shown the importance of these concepts.

I am very eager to learn more, implement this in my practice and help my patients. The facility and staff are exceptional, and the speakers are excellent, friendly, and so knowledgeable.

Martha Iturriaga
General Practitioner, San Jose, CA

This course teaches us 'trouble free' orthodontics. We can provide our patients not only good esthetics but most importantly, better quality of life by eliminating all these symptoms. Applying this concept in our practices sends the level of our service to the highest level.

Petros Kokkinos
Orthodontist, Limassol, Cyprus

For More Course Information – Contact IDEA at +1 (650) 578 – 9495 or INFO@IDEAUSA.NET

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