IDEA Esthetic Master Program – become a Specialist in Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

At IDEA, we designed a Master Program to Promote You. The Education driven Dentist.
The Dentist who strives for Quality and Patient Care.

As IDEA is driven by dentists for dentists, it is our goal to empower you to make you and your practice unique. Therefore, we offer the IDEA Esthetic Master Program, so that your expertise can be seen by the public.

We speak for You. We speak about You.

IDEA Master Program

IDEA Master in Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

What it means

The Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy – IDEA provides the highest standard of advanced continuing dental education. By attending IDEA courses, you bring our claim into your practice and to your patients:

Excellence through Passion

We want seeking patients to find You – the Passion driven Excellent Dentist

Your Benefit

  • Use the “IDEA” reputation to promote your expertise
  • Be visible on the IDEA website for patients to find an Education Driven Dentist
  • Become part of the “Leading Dentists” network

How it works

By attending the following courses within two calendar years and submitting one case after each course, your expertise will be confirmed:

  • by an impressive, first class diploma in large format, which will be handed out to you during your graduation ceremony
  • you and your practice will be promoted on our website: “Patients – find Your Dentist” – subdivision:

IDEA Masters in Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

Pascal Magne One-on One

Pascal Magne, Dr. med. dent., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Predictable Anterior Esthetics and Longevity with Bonded Porcelain Restorations

July 8 – 11, 2021

This course is a unique hands-on opportunity to upgrade your skills in anterior bonded restorations. Esthetics and function are equal concerns in restorations.

one-on-one instruction

Didier Dietschi, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Advanced Direct Bonding in the Smile Frame: Innovative Protocols to Achieve Perfect Esthetics, Improve Treatment Simplicity, Reliability and Longevity

July 15 – 18, 2021

This interactive hands-on course is featuring all aspects of direct composite in the smile frame.

Pascal Magne, one-one-one, finishing/polishing of direct composite resin restoration

Pascal Magne, Dr. med. dent., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Mastering Form and Layering with Direct and Semi-(in)direct CAD/CAM Composite Resin Restorations

October 15 – 17, 2021

This course is a unique hands-on opportunity to improve your skills in morphology and histo-anatomy of the anterior dentition.

Pascal Magne demonstrating during hands-on

Pascal Magne, Dr. med. dent., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Esthetic Posterior Restorations: Mastering Direct, Semi-direct, and Indirect Techniques

April 12 – 15, 2022

Upgrade your skills in state-of-the-art in adhesive posterior concepts for direct, semi-direct and indirect techniques in composite and ceramics.

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