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Snjezana Pohl

Dr. med., Dr. med. dent., Ph.D.
Visiting From Croatia

Dr. Snjezana Pohl is both doctor of human and dental medicine. She is a specialist in oral surgery and EDA certificated specialist for periodontology and implantology.

Although she studied, specialized, and worked in Germany, she is from Croatia and currently based in Rijeka, where she practices, teaches, and mentors.

Currently, she is head of the Department for Oral Surgery in the private clinic Rident, Croatia.

Designated as an assistant professor, she additionally is giving lectures at the Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology at the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Rijeka.

Since 2015 she lectures worldwide and became a DentalXP expert.

As an active lecturer and author of scientific papers, in the fields of implantology and periodontology, she underlines the importance of minimally invasive techniques, especially in a comprehensive treatment methodology, based upon the preservation of tissues.

These techniques include Partial Extraction Therapies, Autogenous Tissue Utilization, Osseodensification, and others.

She is the author of the app for implant surgery in the esthetic area “Decision Matters”.

Dr.Dr. Pohl is an active member of the European Dental Association (EDA), the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and the Croatian Society of Periodontology.

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Hands-On courses of Snjezana Pohl

October 25 - 28, 2023

Implants in the esthetic area add an additional aspect to implant dentistry. This course on implant surgical procedure covers basically all bone grafting procedures needed for predictable and outstanding success in esthetic implants. You will upgrade your skills in site optimization with minimally invasive procedures utilizing autogenous tissues and their biologic superiority. Increased confidence to provide the best possible treatment to your patients, the opportunity is your …

Only 3 Seats Left!

What Customer says about Snjezana Pohl


"I have taken many CE courses & I have learned so much in these past few days with Dr. Pohl. She is a great lecturer with so much evidence based knowledge. You can feel her passion for dentistry. This is one of the best courses I've taken. Thank you Dr. Pohl!"

Sarah Chang
General Practitioner, Marana, AZ

"Dr. Pohl is super talented and super kind. She takes care of all the students according to their individual needs. Despite all the information the course is very well organized and materials are very well presented. I would recommend Dr. Pohl's course to any dentist."

Peter Yu
General Practitioner, Milpitas, CA

"Dr. Snjezana has given more information in 4 days, than I have gotten in the last 10 years. Thank you!"

Max Miller
Oral Surgeon, Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada

"Dr. Pohl is one of the Greatest Teachers that I have met during my educational career. She influences her wonderful spiritual personality through her true smile and gives all her knowledge to all her students. Great Teacher."

Setrag Dermendjian
Prosthodontist, Pasadena, TX

"Dr. Pohl has a dynamic personality that encourages engagement and optimizes learning. I appreciated learning principles of surgery that can be widely adapted. What I learned I feel that I can quickly implement. I would encourage anyone take the course"

Matthew Cannavo
Oral Surgeon, Plymouth, MI
bone grafting and implants

I would like to thank Dr. Pohl for sharing so many insights of her clinical knowledge with us. She is skilled, bold, enthusiastic, and has tons of patience. Her clinical decision-making is biologically based and thoughtful. I have enjoyed learning from her in the past 4 days. I will recommend her course to my colleagues. It is another great course that is offered at IDEA.

Timothy Wu
Periodontist, Mountain View, CA

"Dr. Pohl is one of the most talented surgeons in the world. Her insight and "Robin Hood" methodology when it comes to the use of autogenous tissue is remarkable. Implementing techniques on Monday is only possible due to her lecture and hands-on teaching methods. Absolutely a 'must take' course for anyone looking to provide optimal care to implant patients."

Jose Mirelez Jr.
General Practitioner, Fresno, CA

Dr. Pohl was amazing, took time and explained things very well at a pace that I could be digested. Highly recommend her as an outstanding surgical educator

Ryan Dee
Oral Surgeon, Traverse City, MI
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