Three Year Orthodontic Program: Orthodontics related to Function, Occlusion and the Cranio-Mandibular System
Starting: March 13 - 16, 2024

Course Overview

Three Year Orthodontic Program

Paradigm Shift in Orthodontics and Occlusion

This Occlusion and Orthodontic program is addressed to general dentists who have realized that orthodontics has become a fundamental cornerstone of their restorative/prosthetic practice or want to add orthodontics to their interdisciplinary treatment offerings.

This Occlusion and Orthodontic program is also addressed to orthodontists who are looking for treatment alternatives to orthognathic surgery, premolar extractions, extra-oral forces and for new treatment options for malocclusions with dysfunction.

The IDEA Occlusion and Orthodontic Program is based on the research and clinic of Profes. Sadao Sato, Japan and Rudolf Slavicek, Austria. It is based on studying and understanding nature’s approach in functional, healthy, and stable dentitions.

Experience the Paradigm shift to Occlusion and Orthodontics of the 21st Century

This 3-year Orthodontic Program goes way beyond just orthodontics. It teaches Modern Occlusion and Function which applies to any dental discipline and patient treatment. This program is beneficial for every patient of your practice.

It will teach you the foundation of stable dentistry and orthodontics:
Advanced, evidenced-based Occlusion and Dynamics
Modern Understanding of:
– Functional Role of the Maxillofacial Complex
– Growth and Development
– Development and treatment of Malocclusion and TMJ dysfunction (TMD)

Applying this knowledge and skills will be beneficial to all patients of your practice, not just orthodontic patients.

“Sato-Orthodontics” – Orthodontics of the 21st Century

Why “Sato-Orthodontics”?

Traditional orthodontics is treating teeth as if they would be independent structural units. This approach works in some cases. In many cases challenges occur already during treatment or shortly after the treatment is finished. When patients stop wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment, many cases relapse. Patients start to observe tooth migration, feel interferences, bites are opening, or patients experience physical symptoms, like TMD, migraine, and so on. The number of dysfunctional patients is significantly rising in dental practices. More dental treatment options and increasing life stress brought increasing dental problems. In this context, Prof. Sato’s Orthodontic concept stands out as a unique treatment option since this concept can achieve treatment results which cannot be achieved with traditional orthodontics or any other dental discipline.

The IDEA Orthodontic Program is a true career and practice changer

What is different in “Sato-Orthodontics” compared to any other orthodontic concept?

Early in his career, Prof. Sato faced his own orthodontic failures and relapses. This made him realize that another approach in orthodontics is necessary to achieve predictable longevity. Significant research was triggered.

Prof. Sato’s approach takes into consideration not only mandibular movement, function, but also the adaptative capacity of mandibular position and joints. His concept is based on functional principles and applies the natural principle of mandibular adaption in human growth to orthodontic treatment.

Based on functional diagnostics combined with powerful mechanics, his concept obtains stable results through etiological therapy rather than structural treatment. Therefore, Prof. Sato’s concept can achieve treatment results, which cannot be achieved with traditional orthodontic approaches, such as:

A unique opportunity for you to prepare your practice for the future

The interactive format of lectures, case discussions and hands-on for clinic and laboratory procedures, enables you to fully integrate the “Sato” concept into your interdisciplinary practice.

The modular structure of 3-to-4-day segments allows you to continue your practice and to attend this program. This format has been successfully taught for over 20 years to thousands of dentists and orthodontists around the world.

By learning the “Slavicek / Sato” concept you are entering a dental world which is way ahead of anything else in the dental field.

This treatment approach will make your dentistry highly predictable and stable, your dental life much easier, and your practice outstanding.

You will become the problem solver way beyond your community

Program Date
Starting: March 13 - 16, 2024

Program Ends in December 2026
Please Click on “Full Dates”, To See When the Modules Take Place

Begins March 13 – 16, 2024

4 Modules in Year 2024

Mod1: March 13 – 16, 2024

Continues every Mar / Jun / Sep / Dec

CE Credits 360
Tuition - per Module
"All Inclusive" Course Package
$ 5,980 "Hotel Option"
$ 5,380 "No Hotel Option"

The Program Tuition is Divided Into Equal Monthly Installments

Year 1: 4 modules, 4 days long
$ 5,980 “Hotel” Option, 1x module
$ 5,380 “No Hotel” Option, 1x module

Year 2 – 3: 8 modules, 3 days long
$ 5,740 “Hotel” Option, 1x module
$ 5,260 “No Hotel” Option, 1x module

Total Program Tuition – 12 Modules
$ 69,840 “Hotel” Option
$ 63,600 “No Hotel” Option

What our Alumni Say

orthodontics program education

This is not only an orthodontic course, it is the principle of dentistry taught by the best experts in their fields - I can't recommend this course enough to every dentist in the world. It enriches your professional life and benefits immensely your patients. Thank you.

Thuan-Anh Nguyen
General Practitioner, Wheaton, MD
Paradigm shift to Orthodontics

Learning from the great professors is a delight. I'm always grateful for all the clinical skill as well as knowledge taught by Heike. She's a true teacher- she makes sure that we understand and grab the materials taught. Truly grateful.

Anh Khieu
General Practitioner, Tyrone, GA
IDEA Orthodontic Program

This course has not only changed my practice it has been life changing. Being able to improve the lives of my patients has brought much joy to my life.

Cristina Herrera
General Practitioner, Los Gatos, CA
orthodontics occlusion program

The 3 year orthodontic program is the most exciting part of my training on this concept. Once you receive and digest the information about this treatment approach the 3 year ortho program clears up all the dust and the amount of information we get is mind blowing and extremely exciting.

Petros Kokkinos
Orthodontist, Limassol, Cyprus
continuing dental education course idea

Everyone talks about ideal dental treatment. This is how it should be done. The Orthodontic Program has changed my life and career. The clarity and understanding have been priceless.

Wade Lee
General Practitioner, Sunnyvale, CA
Orthodontics of the 21st Century

The 3-year orthodontic program is great. It is challenging and continues to keep me interested in orthodontics according to Prof. Sato's technique, philosophy, diagnosis, and treatment planning. I am amazed at the cases that are treated and that we are able to treat.

Marcus Kai
Orthodontist, San Jose, CA

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