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Comprehensive Programs on Proven Interdisciplinary Concepts

IDEA’s programs are designed to add proven concepts to your practice. While the individual courses are upgrading your skills in a certain field, the programs are teaching you the principles of dentistry, a solid foundation for higher predictability and longevity. You will learn to treat patients you never thought you could. A practice changing experience. You are entering a dental world which is way ahead of anything else in the dental field.

Starting: March 13 - 16, 2024

If you want to become the “To-Go-To” practice in your area, one key is to specialize in achieving stable dentistry and in treatment of dysfunctional patients. In modern dentistry, orthodontics has become inseparably linked to restorative, prosthetic and periodontal treatment. For the increasing amount of dysfunctional patients and treatment failures, the IDEA concept of Modern Occlusion and “Sato”-Orthodontics can achieve treatment results, which cannot be achieved by any other dental discipline. See how this program can transform your practice and dental career …

Monthly - Ongoing

This course is primarily a technique course introducing the procedures to make implants and implant restorations more esthetic, more predictable, simpler, and more efficient.

Starting: March 13 - 16, 2024

Learn, the Occlusion of the 21st Century at IDEA. This program will be an eye-opening experience about the complexity of the masticatory organ. Teeth dictate mandibular position and mandibular position plays the key role for dental health and successful treatment. If you are looking for stable dentistry and orthodontics, this is for you...

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