Current Concepts in Bone Grafting and Accelerated Implant Treatment: from Minimally Invasive Augmentation to Advanced Surgical Procedures with Autogenous Bone and Soft Tissue Management
April 26 - 29, 2025

Course Overview

Concepts in Bone Grafting

From Minimally Invasive Augmentation to Advanced Surgical Procedures with Autogenous Bone and Soft Tissue Management

Advanced Bone Grafting Course 

Our comprehensive advanced bone grafting course is designed for dental professionals seeking to enhance their skills in this critical area of implantology. This course will be an interactive hands-on experience for all practit­ioners wishing to upgrade their skills in autogenous bone grafting procedures and management of soft tissue covering all aspects from simple to complex treatment.

Why Choose Our Advanced Bone Grafting Course?

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from renowned experts in the field of advanced bone grafting.
  • Hands-On Training: Gain practical experience through interactive hands-on sessions.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Cover all aspects of advanced bone grafting, from diagnosis and planning to execution and post-operative care.
  • Latest Techniques: Stay up-to-date with the most recent advancements in bone grafting technology and methods.

Participants will gain expertise in bone harvesting from areas of the maxilla and mandible.  This dental implant grafting course will also focus on minimal invasive and predictable grafting with autogenous bone, along with techniques such as bone splitting, bone spreading, and bone condensing. Additionally, soft tissue management will be emphasized to ensure safe bone grafting and improved esthetic outcomes.

1. Biology of Bone Regeneration in Augmentative Procedures

Understanding the fundamental biology behind bone regeneration is crucial for successful augmentation procedures. Prof. Khoury will  cover the cellular and molecular mechanisms that facilitate bone healing and growth, emphasizing the importance of creating an optimal environment for bone regeneration.

2. Diagnosis and Planning of the Augmentation Procedure

Accurate diagnosis and meticulous planning are the cornerstones of successful bone grafting. Here we focus on diagnostic techniques, radiographic evaluations, and planning strategies to ensure precise and effective augmentation outcomes.

3. Soft Tissue Management and Bone Augmentation in Implantology

Soft tissue management is integral to the success of bone augmentation and implantology. Participants will learn techniques for handling soft tissues to promote healing, minimize complications, and enhance esthetic outcomes in bone grafting procedures.

4. Mandibular Bone Block Grafts: Diagnosis, Instrumentation, Harvesting Techniques, and Surgical Procedures

This comprehensive module delves into mandibular bone block grafts, covering everything from diagnosis to surgical execution. Topics include the selection of instruments, harvesting techniques, and step-by-step surgical procedures to achieve optimal results.

5. Bone Grafts and Extraoral Sites

Exploring the use of bone grafts from extraoral sites, Prof. Khoury will provide insights into alternative grafting options. Participants will learn about various donor sites, their indications, and the techniques for harvesting and utilizing these grafts effectively.

6. Complex Implant-Supported Rehabilitation: From the Temporary to the Definitive Restoration

This module addresses the challenges and solutions in complex implant-supported rehabilitation. It covers the transition from temporary to definitive restorations, emphasizing the importance of precise planning and execution to ensure functional and esthetic success.

7. Risks and Complications in Bone Grafting Procedures

Understanding the potential risks and complications associated with bone grafting is essential for preventing and managing adverse outcomes. Having a detailed overview of common complications, their causes, and strategies for prevention and management are covered as well.

8. Clinical and Scientific Background of Tissue Regeneration via Alveolar Callus Distraction

Delve into the clinical and scientific principles of tissue regeneration through alveolar callus distraction, a cutting-edge technique for bone grafting.

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Course Date
April 26 - 29, 2025
CE Credits 36
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 11,880 "Hotel Option"
$ 11,280 "No Hotel Option"
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What our Alumni Say

Khoury Bone Grafting

That is the course to go for any types of bony defect, to regenerate with stability and very good long-term prognosis.

Alireza Khansari
Periodontist, Poway, CA
Autogenous grafting Khoury

IDEA has found the perfect recipe for success in an educational facility/academy. It all starts with a great group of people, … then extends to all the other details to make our experience that much more enjoyable, from facility, the meals, the discussions, and all the learning.

Don Hui
Oral Surgeon, Woodbridge, ON, Canada
Bone grafting course

The IDEA series of courses are the best that I have ever attended. They offer an excellent combination of practical teaching in the lab setting, and explanation of underlying biological concepts. Thank you Khourys and IDEA!

Remi Arseneau
Periodontist, Dieppe, NB, Canada
Autogenous bone and soft tissue management

It's like a light bulb went on after listening to Dr. Khoury brothers! When things make sense and you understand 'why', that is when you truly appreciate what must be done for patients and obtain the results we are looking for!

Alexandra Bialy
Oral Surgeon, Schaumburg, IL
Minimally invasive augmentation

Every course I attend at IDEA exceeds my expectations. The small group and direct access to world class clinicians provides an invaluable learning environment. I will definitely be back for more courses.

Drew Czernick
Periodontist, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Khoury technique course

Drs. Fouad and Charles Khoury were incredible! The knowledge gained on bone and soft tissue grafting was phenomenal, and I cannot wait to implement those principles. Heike and her team did an amazing job hosting this event.

Pio Modi
General Practitioner, Brantford, ON, Canada
Autogenous bone grafting

IDEA is great! Excellent lectures. Great service. High volume of great information.

Scott Redlinger
Oral Surgeon, Reno, NV

The best bone grafting course I have attended. A must for anyone who plans to graft regularly.

Max Miller
Oral Surgeon, Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada

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