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Fouad Khoury

D.M.D., Ph.D., Prof., Dr. med. dent.
Visiting From Olsberg, Germany

Who is Fouad Khoury?

Prof. Fouad Khoury is a distinguished and exceptional surgeon renowned for his pioneering work in the field of bone augmentation using autogenous bone. His profound understanding of bone biology led to the development of the split cortical bone block protocol, widely known as the ‘Khoury bone plate’ technique or simply ‘The Khoury Technique.’ This groundbreaking approach has established itself as a highly reliable method for the three-dimensional reconstruction of the maxilla and mandible.

What is the Khoury Technique?

The Khoury Technique, developed by Prof Khoury, is a surgical method used for bone augmentation, particularly in dental implantology. This technique involves the use of autogenous bone, which is bone harvested from the patient’s own body, to reconstruct and augment deficient areas of the jawbone (maxilla and mandible). Here are the key elements of the Khoury Technique:
  1. Split Cortical Bone Block Protocol: The technique involves splitting a cortical bone block (the dense outer surface of bone) into thin plates. These plates are then used to create a three-dimensional scaffold that can be filled with particulate bone or bone chips. This method allows for precise shaping and adaptation to the defect site, promoting better integration and stability.
  2. Three-Dimensional Reconstruction: The Khoury Technique is particularly effective for the three-dimensional reconstruction of the jawbone. It addresses both vertical and horizontal bone deficiencies, making it a versatile solution for various types of bone defects.
  3. Autogenous Bone: The use of the patient’s own bone (autogenous bone) is a cornerstone of this technique. Autogenous bone is preferred because it has excellent osteogenic (bone-forming) properties, reduces the risk of rejection, and integrates well with the existing bone.
  4. Soft Tissue Management: Successful bone augmentation using the Khoury Technique also requires meticulous management of the surrounding soft tissues. Proper soft tissue handling and closure are essential to ensure the stability and longevity of the bone graft.
  5. Clinical Applications: The Khoury Technique is widely used in dental implantology to prepare sites for dental implants, particularly in cases where there is insufficient bone volume to support the implants. It is also used in other maxillofacial reconstructive surgeries.


Overall, the Khoury Technique is known for its predictability and high success rates in bone augmentation procedures, making it a valuable tool in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery

Prof. Khoury’s innovative perspective on the importance of autogenous bone also resulted in the creation of other significant bone grafting procedures, such as the bone core technique and the bony lid approach. His clinical philosophy emphasizes that successful bone augmentation necessitates impeccable soft tissue management.

Where did Prof. Khoury study?

Dr. Khoury received his dental education at St. Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon, and specialized in Oral Surgery at the Universities of Freiburg and Muenster in Germany. He served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Muenster, where he completed his PhD and scientific habilitation degree. Since 1994, he has been a full professor at the Department of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery at the University of Muenster and Chairman of the Privatklinik Schloss Schellenstein in Olsberg, Germany.

Prof. Khoury holds several patents, has published over 110 papers, authored three textbooks, delivered more than 800 lectures and courses, and serves on the editorial board of various journals.

Where can I find the Khoury technique course?

Take the next step in your professional development by enrolling in IDEA’s Khoury Technique Course. This exclusive program, led by the esteemed Prof. Fouad Khoury himself, provides unparalleled hands-on training. Learn directly from the innovator of this groundbreaking technique, gaining invaluable insights into the three-dimensional reconstruction of the maxilla and mandible, precise bone grafting procedures, and the critical importance of soft tissue management.

Whether you are looking to enhance your skills in bone augmentation or stay at the forefront of dental implantology, this course offers the knowledge and practical experience necessary to excel. Secure your spot today and join a community of leading dental professionals committed to excellence and innovation


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Hands-On courses of Fouad Khoury

Concepts in Bone Grafting

April 26 - 29, 2025

This course will be an interactive hands-on experience for all practit­ioners wishing to upgrade their skills in autogenous bone grafting procedures, while learning from the masters Fouad and Charles Khoury

Only 3 Seats Left!

What Customer says about Fouad Khoury

Khoury Bone Grafting

That is the course to go for any types of bony defect, to regenerate with stability and very good long-term prognosis.

Alireza Khansari
Periodontist, Poway, CA
Autogenous grafting Khoury

IDEA has found the perfect recipe for success in an educational facility/academy. It all starts with a great group of people, … then extends to all the other details to make our experience that much more enjoyable, from facility, the meals, the discussions, and all the learning.

Don Hui
Oral Surgeon, Woodbridge, ON, Canada
Bone grafting course

The IDEA series of courses are the best that I have ever attended. They offer an excellent combination of practical teaching in the lab setting, and explanation of underlying biological concepts. Thank you Khourys and IDEA!

Remi Arseneau
Periodontist, Dieppe, NB, Canada
Autogenous bone and soft tissue management

It's like a light bulb went on after listening to Dr. Khoury brothers! When things make sense and you understand 'why', that is when you truly appreciate what must be done for patients and obtain the results we are looking for!

Alexandra Bialy
Oral Surgeon, Schaumburg, IL
Minimally invasive augmentation

Every course I attend at IDEA exceeds my expectations. The small group and direct access to world class clinicians provides an invaluable learning environment. I will definitely be back for more courses.

Drew Czernick
Periodontist, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Khoury technique course

Drs. Fouad and Charles Khoury were incredible! The knowledge gained on bone and soft tissue grafting was phenomenal, and I cannot wait to implement those principles. Heike and her team did an amazing job hosting this event.

Pio Modi
General Practitioner, Brantford, ON, Canada
Autogenous bone grafting

IDEA is great! Excellent lectures. Great service. High volume of great information.

Scott Redlinger
Oral Surgeon, Reno, NV

The best bone grafting course I have attended. A must for anyone who plans to graft regularly.

Max Miller
Oral Surgeon, Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada

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