Autogenous Implant Surgical Procedures for the Esthetic Region
September 28 - October 1, 2022

Course Overview

Autogenous Surgical Procedures

The keywords of this course are:
Sustainable, Renewable, Local and Treatment Planning

Basically, all surgical procedures that one needs in the esthetic area are exercised during this dental course, featuring the utilization of autogenous tissues and procedures for implant placement. To master hard and soft tissue enhancement in the esthetic region with proven and innovative treatment options is the focus.

In more than 25 years, Snjezana Pohl has covered the entire spectrum of oral surgery and periodontology but implant surgical procedures in the esthetic area has always been her focus of interest. From early on, she realized how collapse prevention is superior to reconstruction and that nothing compares to the results achieved by using autologous tissue and its biologic superiority.

This meant that she was an early adopter of partial extraction therapy, seeing the value in dentin autograft, tuberosity tissue, and osseodensification. In 2003 she started to combine hard and soft tissue augmentation techniques to treat Socket Type 2 and 3, so mIVAN technique was born. In 2020, long term results of up to 11 years with mIVAN technique were published.

Most importantly, successful esthetic surgical treatment is less about procedures, but very much about thorough treatment planning, proven concepts, a clear decision tree, and autologous tissue utilization, when it comes to autogenous implant surgical procedures in the esthetic region.

Course participants will be presented a clearly structured decision tree for choosing the most predictable treatment option based on anatomy and biology. You will receive extensive training on all presented techniques during the hands-on portion of the course. A wide variety of autogenous tissues and techniques for implants in the esthetic region will be addressed and practiced.

Dr. Pohl published an app to share her knowledge, cases and procedure protocols. The procedures in “Decision Matters” are based on what she have found to deliver the best most predictable results. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play

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Course Date
September 28 - October 1, 2022
CE Credits 36
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 9,530 "Hotel Option"
$ 8,930 "No Hotel Option"
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What our Alumni Say


"Dr. Pohl is one of the Greatest Teachers that I have met during my educational career. She influences her wonderful spiritual personality through her true smile and gives all her knowledge to all her students. Great Teacher."

Setrag Dermendjian
Prosthodontist, Pasadena, TX
dentin autograft osseodensification

"In 16 years of dentistry, I have not attended such a well-structured, clear, and valuable course. Snjezana is a wonderful teacher, passionate about her work, and an excellent communicator; as well as a world-class implantology’s. I would come back in a heartbeat."

Peter Doherty
General Practitioner, Dublin, Ireland
sustainable renewable local periodontal surgery

"This is my first time to attend IDEA. It's been a great 4 days with excellent organization, speaker, and all the institute staff. The organization of the very small details is remarkable. The event was run on time, with an exceptional speaker."

Manal Trabulsi
Periodontist, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
miVAN technique snjezana pohl

"Dr. Pohl is one of the most talented surgeons in the world. Her insight and "Robin Hood" methodology when it comes to the use of autogenous tissue is remarkable. Implementing techniques on Monday is only possible due to her lecture and hands-on teaching methods. Absolutely a 'must take' course for anyone looking to provide optimal care to implant patients."

Jose Mirelez Jr.
General Practitioner, Fresno, CA

"I thought this course was amazing. Dr. Pohl broke down procedures in a step by step way to make it easy to learn. She showed socket shield, pedicle grafts, MiVan, and other techniques; all that can be done immediately when we get home."

Dino Mantis
General Practitioner, Wilmette, IL

More Course Information

If you want to upgrade your skills in the following , this course is for you!

Partial Extraction Therapy:

Is Partial Extraction Therapy a safe procedure? Are there long-term studies?
How to remove the apical socket shield part?
How to manage complications?

Dentin autograft:

Does dentin autograft resorb with time?
Is it sufficient to clean dentin with cleanser provided by the manufacturer?
Does dentin autograft contain growth factors?


How much ridge expansion can be achieved by osseodensification?
Why are some osseodensification burs superior to osteotomes and bone expanders?
Should these osseodensification burs be utilized for the hard bone?

Surgical Lip Stabilization

Tunnel and VISTA technique for the peri-implant soft tissue enhancement:

How do you decide between VISTA and Tunnel technique for the soft tissue augmentation?
How to safely mobilize papillae doing a tunnel procedure?
How to reduce morbidity after connective tissue grafting?

Buccal Sliding Palatal Pedicle Flap (BSSPPF):

What is the difference to the palatal sliding flap?
Which is the minimal palatal soft tissue thickness required for BSPPF?
How to manage a great palatal artery bleeding?

mIVAN Technique:

How to proceed in the case that the pedicle of the palatal pedicled connective tissue graft gets disrupted?
How to prevent and manage the connective tissue graft necrosis?
Where to harvest the autologous bone?

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