Advanced Direct Bonding in the Smile Frame: Innovative Protocols to Achieve Perfect Esthetics, Improve Treatment Simplicity, Reliability and Longevity
July 31 - August 3, 2024

Course Overview

Direct Composite Restorations

Esthetic Dentistry Adhesive Dentistry

In the past, more attractive smiles, improved dental es­thetics and durable results have been directly linked to ceramic veneers and crowns.  Modern composite resin technology has challenged this assumption and is becoming the favorable choice of treatment for anterior teeth.

Moreover, direct com­posite restorations allow for minimally invasive or no preparation at all when mo­difying existing tooth anatomy or replacing decayed tissues; this constitutes an unparalleled advantage of “free-hand bond­ing”.

Important Advantages of “Free-hand” Bonding:

Bio-functional – less load stress on dental structures
Higher potential for adaptability
Be in full control of shape and shade
Tremendous longevity, easily maintainable
Cost reduction for the patients
The “Dietschi” technique: simplified, reliable, fast
Increased revenue for the practice

Direct Composite Restorations – the New State-of-the-Art

While resin composites are universally consid­ered for fillings and moderate chippings, today, they have many more indications. Didier Dietschi will teach you the full potential of advanced direct bonding in the smile frame. You will learn innovative protocols to achieve perfect esthetics, to correct functional deficiencies, and to improve treatment simplicity, reliability, and longevity.

Today, “Free-hand” bonding has become the primary treatment choice for anterior teeth.

Explore the New Potential of Resin Composites

With his didactic teaching, Dider Dietschi will make it easy for you to overcome your drawbacks in composites. After attending his hands-on course, you will apply the full potential of modern composite indications to your patients with ease, efficient, fast, and most esthetic.

Your best option for advanced composite techniques is by one-on-one with the Master himself, Didier Dietschi, the mentor of many icons in esthetic dentistry and the developer of the esthetic, functional – Natural Layering Concept. A milestone in direct composite restorations and smile enhancement.

“Free-hand” Bonding – the primary treatment choice for anterior teeth

Didier Dietschi – Benefit from over 35 years of Clinical Application and Research

> Giving a new face to smile enhancements
> The quintessence of biology, biomechanics, and esthetics in direct bonding
> More conservative, ethical solutions to a myriad of esthetic deficiencies
> Giving priority to additive, minimally or microinvasive procedures
> Preserving tooth biology and biomechanics
> Esthetic restorative dentistry and principles applied to anterior teeth
> Explore the new potential of resin composites beyond just filling materials
> Have your patients benefit from the best of current technology and the latest clinical and scientific developments

The esthetic – functional Natural Layering Concept – todays Primary Choice for Treatment of Anterior Teeth

> Esthetic – functional Morphology
> Master Layering, and Shape
> Master Shade and Internal Color Effects
> Master it all together – Form, Color, and Texture
> DSD (Digital Smile Design) applied to direct bonding
> Class IV, fracture defects, fragment relocation
> Gaps and Diastema closing
> Diminished tooth size and enlargement
> Application from young to aging teeth
> Single and multiple teeth enhancement
> Direct Mock up and transition to final
> Direct Veneers
> Wax up driven smile enhancement
> Direct bonding in tooth wear cases
> Full smile enhancement
> Systematic, Simplifying, Time preserving Concept

The Future is Now. Join us!

This course is part of the IDEA Master program:

Master in Biomimetic Esthetic Dentistry.. Read More

For more detailed information please request the daily agenda for Didier Dietschi’s unique IDEA course

Course Date
July 31 - August 3, 2024
CE Credits 36
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 9,980 "Hotel Option"
$ 9,380 "No Hotel Option"
Last Seat Left! – Individual Payment Plan available – contact us
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What our Alumni Say

direct composite restorations dietschi

This course was exceptional. I've been placing composite veneers for years and I always struggled with shade, anatomy and staying on time. This course has given me the tools I need to provide better restorations, for my patients, while doing so faster, which is better for the patient and my practice

David Britt
General Practitioner, Boulder, CO
composite resin restorations

Great staff and instructors. Applicable hands on experience, that will be readily implementable and start adding value immediately to my practice! Very hospitable and comfortable learning environment.

Jaime Thony
General Practitioner, Daytona Beach, FL
anterior composite restorations

The information presented was very eye opening and I am a better dentist now that I have completed this course. I would recommend this course to any dentist looking to improve their anterior composite work.

Justin Kiggins
General Practitioner, Carson City, NV

What an amazing environment! Conducive to learning and acknowledging other professionals. The level of learning exceeds the expectations and makes you feel a real professional contributing to great levels of dentistry

Albana Rama
General Practitioner, Fergus, ON, Canada
resin composite didier dietschi

This course with Didier was masterful. He is a pro's pro. The presentations were amazing. Great combination of simplifying tough protocols to achieve outstanding esthetic results. I most enjoyed to focus on systematic approaches to make complete cases easier to handle

Steven Schiffenhaus
General Practitioner, Gilbert, AZ
anterior composite dietschi didier

This is my first time taking such course, and it was a last-minute decision… The whole process has more than exceeded my expectations. I felt welcomed, with an amazing crowd that has behaved like a family. The quality of the course, facility, speaker/instructor has been top notch. I'm grateful & privileged to be here... will definitely be back.

Grisel Acevedo Rivera
General Practitioner, Webster, TX
Direct Bonded Restorations

"Right from the beginning, IDEA had a very different feel to it, personalized and individual care. You can tell that they care about advancing the skills of their participants and even though they are brilliant clinicians, there is no ego involved in sharing their expertise…”

Melissa Lowry
General Practitioner, Lethbridge, AB, Canada
direct composite restoration dietschi

"This is one of the best courses I have been to. Didier is an exceptional speaker and the knowledge and enthusiasm he brings to his course is contagious! I am looking forward to going to the clinic on Monday morning and practicing the skills I have learnt here today. I would recommend Didier and IDEA to anyone who wants to do exceptional dentistry EVERYDAY in a predictable manner."

Anu Shrestha
General Practitioner, London, United Kingdom
Advanced Direct Bonding

I have been to many composite courses, and they were complicated and made the technique difficult. Dr. Dietschi simplified it all and was personable and made it simple!

Dimple Desai
General Practitioner, Newport Beach, CA

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