Mini-Residency in State-of-the-Art Endodontics: Taking Your Endodontics BEYOND the Next Level
November 13 - 16, 2024

Course Overview

Endodontics Hands On

Endo skills to Find, Follow, and Finish

John and Jordan West have designed a 4-day hands-on Mini-residency in the Mastery of Endodontics. This dental course is for those practitioners who wish to incorporate endodontics into their treatment offerings and want to take their endodontic understanding and technique to the highest level.

“Endo Skill Sets” – Find, Follow, and Finish the root canal system with highest Confidence

Some of the participants attending the course are endodontists, some are trying to limit their practices to endodontic procedures or have it as an important portion in the mix of their services, and some are dentists who want to do better endodontics as a part of the services they render.

Your best Option to get Proficient, Efficient and Profitable in Endodontics

Our history with this dental course has shown that everyone attending it will leave with dramatically improved skills in performing endodontic procedures.

Dres. Wests will tailor their teaching to “where you are currently and where you want to be”. The small group format at IDEA allows for individualized training. There are breakout sessions just for you, to exercise your individual questions.

Your Endodontic Transformation – from Diagnosis to Obturation – Predictable Outcomes

This dental class changes the endodontics of dental practices. You will learn advanced endodontic skills for solving daily endodontic “situations”.

Endodontic skill sets enable you to Find, Follow, and Finish canals in anterior teeth, premolars and molars with efficient and quick pace while you will maintain the desired quality.

Discover newfound Confidence, Consistency, and Control in all the Endodontic Patients that you choose to treat:

> Time saving and advanced techniques in endodontic diagnosis and restorability​

> Easily produce consistent endodontic results that most dentists only dream of​

> This pure technique class will be most efficient for you and produce unprecedented clinical outcomes​

> Learn advanced endodontic skills for solving daily endodontic “situations”​

> Master the secret and difference between “physiologic” and “radiographic” terminus​

> Master the skill and thinking of radicular rotary preparation techniques​

> Learn how to make cleaning and shaping, simple, safe, super-efficient and your most productive procedure​

> Glidepath – never block yourself out again

> Packing – reliable obturation with vertical condensation predictably to the working length

> Why and how to use the dental microscope

> What new technology to invest in and what to stay away from

> Make endodontics easier and safer with improved technology

> Endodontics – learn the efficient, effective way with consistency

> Increased confidence in taking more difficult endodontic treatment

For more detailed information please request the daily agenda of John and Jordan West's unique IDEA course

Course Date
November 13 - 16, 2024
CE Credits 36
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 9,890 "Hotel Option"
$ 9,290 "No Hotel Option"
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What our Alumni Say

John West endodontics hands on

This course has definitely increased my confidence in taking more difficult endodontic treatment.

Xuyu Zhang
General Practitioner, Foster City, CA
endodontic diagnosis

Highly recommend this Endo course to any dentist. John and Jordan are very encouraging, thorough, and determined. They make sure you get what you wanted from this course, which can be applied to the next day in your practice. The course was highly well organized, and IDEA treated us like the most important guests in the world.

Myochul Kwon
General Practitioner, Wilmington, DE

This course provided me with the confidence to begin performing endodontic procedures, after 4 years of doing NO ENDO!. I am excited about dentistry again!

Stephanie Hoyos
General Practitioner, Fairfax Station, VA
endodontic access glidepath

John and Jordan are master teachers. They do a great job of simplifying the difficulty. I wish I would have taken this course right after dental school. If you want to do endodontics, take this course.

Ryan Olson
General Practitioner, Meridian, ID
root canal endo course

Excellent, inspiring instructors. Really helped me unlearn the old school way of doing Endo and learn the efficient, effective way with consistency.

Tong Liu
General Practitioner, Berkeley, CA

Really appreciate the ease it was to speak with the Endo "Kings". Coming to IDEA has given a renewed confidence moving forward in dentistry.

Mira Perkovic
General Practitioner, Prince George, BC, Canada
Endodontics hands on course John West

IDEA and Dr. Jordan and John West went above and beyond with the mini residency. I was fearful in attempting my molar endo, now, I feel competent and confident to take them on.

Rachit Patel
General Practitioner, Orange Park, FL
Root Canal Treatment

On day one we all set a personal goal of what we want to be. Mine was cleaning and shaping to working length, something I've struggled with. I feel now confident and cannot wait to apply what I have learned from the Endo legends John and Jordan West. All the IDEA staff were so supportive.

Zena Jandali
General Practitioner, Moraga, CA

For More Course Information - Contact IDEA at our Toll Free +1 (866) 700-4332 (U.S. Only)

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