Adhesive Posterior Restorations: Function, Biomechanics and Esthetics in Synergy All What Matters for Long-Term Success with Direct and Indirect Techniques
October 23 - 26, 2024

Course Overview

Esthetic Posterior Restorations

Adhesive Dentistry Esthetic Restorative Dentistry

This dental course on bonded posterior restorations features all aspects of tooth-colored direct and indirect restorative protocols as well as the specific aspects of bio-mechanically fragilized teeth, like cracked teeth and non-vital teeth.

Reliable Success for Posterior Adhesive Dentistry using Clear Protocols

Esthetic Restorative Dentistry – the clinical application and concept of minimally invasive dentistry and restoring teeth according to their natural properties ensuring biomechanical behavior, function and esthetics to the highest satisfaction for your patients, and successful treatment outcomes for yourself.

Dentistry is way beyond the “post amalgam” era, and full crowns are historical treatment. Today, state-of-the art- in dentistry means bonded, adhesive dentistry, and additive rather than reductive.

This dental course represents the evolution of today’s state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry based on scientific evidence and dental clinical experience. To upgrade your skills in restorations with natural properties, such as biomechanical strength, function, and esthetics, is the goal of this dental course.

Copy Biomechanical, Functional and Esthetic Features of Nature

The dogma of “Extension for Prevention” and “Extension for Retention” is long-time historical.  We are practicing additive, rather than reductive dentistry. New preparations of full crowns can be avoided in most cases. Tissue preservation is today’s state-of-the-art treatment approach and highly appreciated by teeth and patients.

Chemical adhesion has proven to show predictably long-term success, under one condition, that distinguished protocols and techniques are understood, respected, and applied. Therefore, to achieve the most reliable treatment result in esthetic restorative dentistry, it is best recommended to learn directly from the Master himself, Didier Dietschi.

Master All Aspects of Direct and Indirect Restorative Protocols

At IDEA you will be taught by a thought leader in esthetic restorative dentistry, Didier Dietschi, one of the pioneers of adhesive dentistry, a visionary, innovator, and mentor to many, who looks back to over 35 years of clinical practice in adhesive dentistry.

In his posterior, dental hands-on course, Didier Dietschi will be sharing with you his tremendous experience and long-term clinical follow ups, backed up by science and research, and spiced with the latest developments and innovations for clinical practice.

Be exposed to the Forefront of Clinical Adhesive Dentistry

You will experience a paradigm shift in how to approach teeth, dental materials, preparation design, bonding, cementation, and luting protocols. This course will eliminate the troubles and complications you might experience out of your daily practice of esthetic restorative dentistry

Successful restorations for over 35 years in the mouth of your patients with very little degradation

You will upgrade your skills to achieve predictable and long-term stable treatment results based on reliable bonding protocols, new preparation design, decision when to stay direct and when to go indirect, material selection, based on different ceramics and different composites properties, and all consequent details.

You will leave this dental hands-on course as a technically better and more mindful dentist.

Raise the Quality of Your Posterior Restorations to the Highest Level

> Evidence based protocols supported by long-term clinical experience

> Biomechanical parameters and considerations pertinent to material and protocol selection

> Material options for direct restorations

> Pros and Cons of bulk-fill technologies

> Adhesive systems and protocols for long-term performance

> Protocols for no post-op sensitivity

> Direct protocols for small, medium, and medium-large class I & II cavities

> Limits of the direct techniques and the “grey zone”

> Novel preparation protocols for indirect techniques

> Material selection for different Ceramics and their properties

> Indirect restorations: CAD / CAM, Lab-fabricated and Chairside

> Immediate dentin Sealing (IDS)

> Cavity Design Optimization (CDO)

> Cracked tooth procedures and new preparation design

> Cervical Margin Relocation (CMR) aka as Cervical Margin Elevation (CME)

> Luting material selection and cementation procedures

> New protocols and specific biomechanical features of cracked teeth and non-vital teeth

> Restorative protocols and preparation designs to lower endodontic complications and mechanical failure risks

> Paradigm shift in the way of practicing adhesive dentistry

> This course focuses on the latest clinical features of Adhesive Dentistry for Posterior Restorations

> Successful for over 35 years in the mouth of your patients with very little degradation

> Return to your practice with the highest confidence

> Gain higher case acceptance and patient satisfaction

> Learn from one of the world-leaders in modern adhesive dentistry

Experience one of the Most Entirely Engaging, and Career Transforming Restorative Courses in Modern Restorative Dentistry

This course is recommended to take before the “Full Mouth Tooth Wear” course, entitled:

“Interceptive Treatment of Tooth Wear with Minimally Invasive Adhesive Restorations: A Breakthrough in a Global Treatment Approach to Manage Erosion, Abrasion and Attrition Pathologies”

For more detailed information please request the daily agenda for Didier Dietschi’s unique IDEA course

Course Date
October 23 - 26, 2024
CE Credits 36
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 9,980 "Hotel Option"
$ 9,380 "No Hotel Option"
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What our Alumni Say


Incredible course! Amazing presentative with an amazing hands on component. Everything was systematic to achieve great results.

Joonyon Park
General Practitioner, Kanata, ON, Canada

It is a privilege to learn from the best clinician and mentor Dr. Didier Dietschi. Great experience. I know I will be back !

Kami Chervilov
General Practitioner, Oklahoma City, OK

I have now followed many classes at IDEA. This place is like no other for continuing education. It has built my skills and confidence. I am able to offer predictable high quality treatment to my patients with the latest, most up to date knowledge. I can accomplish things that distinguish me amongst my peers. Most all, IDEA has increased my joy of practicing by 100%.

Anne-Claire Landry
General Practitioner, Cote Saint-Luc, QC, Canada

Amazing teacher, amazing course, amazing organization! That is why I keep coming back, it is an amazing journey.

Mouna Hachichou
General Practitioner, Surrey, BC, Canada

Thank you for bringing dentistry excellence to the US! I was struggling to find answers to my problems, and I appreciate learning from Didier Dietschi who had worked out most of the questions I had. I highly recommended this course to all my dental friends.

Jenny Stevens
Prosthodontist, Honolulu, HI

Dr. Dietschi's course was extremely comprehensive. As a practitioner, it gives you confidence knowing there is a better care option, for your patients. After completing this course, I feel equipped to provide better adhesive and comprehensive treatment.

Emma D'Souza
General Practitioner, Burlington, ON, Canada

Dr. Didier was the strong faculty for composite restorations I had been missing during my years in practice. Strong research evidence consorted by clinical experience, as well as, infectious passion has changed the way I will restore dentitions forward. Thank you for a wonderful experience and great fun!

Avanika Khanna
General Practitioner, Lucas, TX

Dr. Didier is an excellent teacher, lecturer and clinician! I have learned so much from this course. I am looking forward to implementing these new skills in my practice.

Sandrine Lam
Prosthodontist, San Mateo, CA

For More Course Information – Contact IDEA at +1 (650) 578 – 9495 or INFO@IDEAUSA.NET

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