Implant Surgical Procedures: Esthetic Outcomes in Implant Dentistry
October 7 - 10, 2024

Course Overview

Implant Surgical Procedures

Bone Grafting Soft Tissue Management

This advanced grafting course focuses on implant surgical procedures for hard- and soft tissue enhancement around implants in the esthetic area. You will learn techniques for site preservation and optimization with minimally invasive grafting procedures utilizing autogenous tissues and their biologic superiority.

Higher Confidence in Grafting and Implants in the Esthetic Area

All hard and soft tissue grafting procedures one needs for reliable and stable implant esthetics will be presented in lecture and video, and followed by clinical hands-on practice.

Bone Grafting and Soft Tissue Management for Predictable Implant Surgery

> Immediate post extraction implant placement
> Extraction and delayed implant placement
> Socket preservation, CTG for grafted socket sealing
> Dentin autograft, Tuberosity bone, Translocated ridge segments
> Partial Extraction Therapy, PET biology and RST, PET complications,
PET for adjacent and multiple sides
> Pontic shield, Socket shield, and delayed implant placement
> mIVAN technique, mIVAN technique for the ridge with horizontal atrophy
> Donor site management, wound closure techniques
> Importance of soft tissue, CTG / FGG harvesting, complications, suturing
> Tunnel and VISTA, Buccal roll flap, BSPPF
> Surgical crown lengthening, recession coverage, vestibuloplasty, lip stabilization

The Gold Standard – Autogenous Tissues and their Biologic Superiority

Snjezana Pohl, specialized in oral surgery, periodontology and implantology, provides not just a course, but an entire concept for hard- and soft tissue management around implants. The importance of minimally invasive techniques, a comprehensive treatment approach, and preservation of tissues will be addressed throughout the course.

For over 25 years, her main interest was in the esthetic outcomes of implant dentistry. You will greatly benefit from her expertise, successes, and complications in implants in the esthetic area.

Key Aspects for Bone Grafting: Local, Sustainable, Biologic

In this dental implant course, you will realize how prevention of tissue collapse is superior to reconstruction and that nothing compares to the utilization of autogenous tissues. You will learn how to dramatically reduce donor site side-effects and you will understand the importance of soft tissue management techniques.

Thorough Treatment Planning, Clear Decision Tree, and Proven Concepts

This dental course will provide you with a clear decision tree, which is based on biological principles. The guidelines will give you great confidence in planning and executing bone grafting and implant procedures.

Practicing a wide range of bone grafting and soft tissue procedures will enable you to achieve amazing treatment results with implants in the esthetic zone.

The IDEA Concept – Ideal for Maximum Benefit

Whether you are just getting into bone grafting procedures or want to raise your bar to the next level, whether you are a general dentist or a surgical specialist, IDEA’s professional and intimate teaching environment allows for individual well-paced learning.

You will upgrade your clinical skills in bone grafting and implants for the most amazing outcomes. Your surgeries will become more predictable, more esthetic, and less painful. Your patients will celebrate the change with you.

A New Perspective for Patient Care

After this course on bone grafting, periodontal surgeries, and implants, you will return to your practice with the highest confidence in placing implants in the esthetic area. From diagnosing, selecting appropriate protocols and timing, to mastering combined techniques, and achieving more predictable treatment results, you will be prepared to provide the best treatment for your patients.

Have your Patients Benefit from the Best of Current Concepts, Latest Clinical Developments, and Science

> All grafting and augmentation procedures needed for esthetic zone
> Proven concepts and the latest clinical and scientific developments
> Hard- and soft tissue enhancement in esthetic implant dentistry
> Biologic superiority of autogenous tissues – rational and benefit
> Thorough treatment planning and clear decision guidelines
> Selection of appropriate surgical protocols
> Factors influencing surgical outcome in the esthetic area
> Prevention of tissue collapse
> Site augmentation – predictable and stable
> Innovative individual healing abutment procedure
> One-on-one mentoring and clear guidelines for your specific questions
> Increased confidence for implant cases in the esthetic area

“Snjezana’s course is a practice changer. What a passionate, thoughtful, and talented clinician, teacher / educator, and person! I have learned so much. She is truly a leader and is forging a new perspective for patient care.”

Ashley Hoders, Periodontist, Tacoma, WA

For more detailed information please request the daily agenda for Snjezana Pohl’s unique IDEA course

Course Date
October 7 - 10, 2024
CE Credits 36
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 9,890 "Hotel Option"
$ 9,290 "No Hotel Option"
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What our Alumni Say


Dr. Snjezana Pohl's course is a must for anyone who wants to drastically elevate their surgical skills and deliver high quality, predictable outcomes for patient's esthetic needs. I am leaving this course so much more confident and excited to deliver superb care.

Micael Hilario
Periodontist, Torrance, CA

Dr. Pohl was a phenomenal educator. Extremely knowledgeable, approachable and very forthcoming with her successes and not as successful cases, for us the participants to learn from her vast experience. Definitely the best hands-on course I have taken in this field of implant dentistry. I will follow Dr. Pohl's continued contributions to implant and periodontal surgeries, techniques, tips and tricks.   The whole IDEA experience has exceeded my expectations and I will be back for additional courses. Thanks!

Richard Mansour
General Practitioner, Petawawa, ON, Canada

"Clinically very useful and up to date educational content. A well organized course with minimal commercial outside interest being pushed. Will be back soon. Thank you Dr.Pohl, thank you IDEA."

D'Vano Forbes
Oral Surgeon, Shepherdstown, WV

Overall great experience with Dr. Pohl's amazing expertise. We got both quality and quantity of great information. The small class size and ability to interact and get feedback is irrevocable.

Juan Delrio
General Practitioner, San Mateo, CA

Snjezana's course is a practice changer. What a passionate, thoughtful, and talented clinician,teacher / educator and person! I have learned so much. She is truly a leader and is forging new perspective for patient care.

Ashley Hoders
Periodontist, Tacoma, WA

Dr. Pohl is super talented and super kind. She takes care of all the students according to their individual needs. Despite all the information the course is very well organized and materials are very well presented. I would recommend Dr. Pohl's course to any dentist.

Peter Yu
General Practitioner, Milpitas, CA

Dr. Pohl has a dynamic personality that encourages engagement and optimizes learning. I appreciated learning principles of surgery that can be widely adapted. What I learned I feel that I can quickly implement. I would encourage anyone take the course.

Matthew Cannavo
Oral Surgeon, Plymouth, MI

I have taken many CE courses & I have learned so much in these past few days with Dr. Pohl. She is a great lecturer with so much evidence based knowledge. You can feel her passion for dentistry. This is one of the best courses I've taken. Thank you Dr. Pohl!

Sarah Chang
General Practitioner, Marana, AZ

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