Modern Occlusion of the 21st Century: Function, TMJ, and Airway in Harmony for Predictable and Stable Dentistry and Orthodontics
September 27 - 28, 2024

Course Overview

Occlusion Course Function TMJ

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Dentistry

This occlusion course covers the understanding of Occlusion, Function, and TMJ, and their relevance in diagnosis and treatment planning. It leads to comprehensive dentistry and predictable and long-term stable treatment outcomes.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning for Stable Dentistry, Stable Orthodontics, and Healthy Patients

This occlusion course is targeted to restorative dentists, prosthodontists, and dental technicians, who are the quarterbacks in dentistry, and who are the main responsible dentist for patients.

This occlusion course is also targeted to the orthodontist since orthodontic treatment is always a full mouth rehabilitation and therefore needs to be diagnosed and treatment planned in this perspective.

And, this occlusion course is also targeted to the specialists of all dental disciplines to understand the diagnostic criteria and treatment goals in interdisciplinary dentistry and treatment.

Explore what is Possible in Dentistry

To achieve predictably long-term stable treatment outcomes, teeth and occlusal parameters must be in synergy with mandibular function to keep the masticatory system healthy.
Teeth dictate mandibular position and mandibular function. On the other hand, mandibular position and function play the key role for dental health and long-term success in dental work.

So, the question is: What is the correct arrangement of teeth to keep the masticatory system and dental treatment outcomes in good function?

In this occlusion course, you will learn:
> the treatment guidelines for predictable dental treatment
> the parameters to achieve stable dentistry

Hands-on Portion of this Occlusion Course

In the hands-on portion of this occlusion course, you will practice how to take a reliable and reproducible bite in Reference Position (RP).  By practicing all diagnostic steps in the laboratory, you will realize the benefit of comprehensive diagnostics for predictable treatment planning and treatment.

Identify the “Safe Patient “and Recognize the “Risky Patient”

In this course, you will have an eye-opening experience understanding the complexity of the masticatory organ and the important role this organ imposes on dentists of all disciplines or specialties.

This Occlusion course represents the modern, evidenced-based Concept on Occlusion and TMJ in Cranio-Mandibular Dentistry.

With a clear understanding of occlusion in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning, every patient case becomes easier to treat, more predictable, and long-term stable.

We Connect the “Dots” for You!

This occlusion course will connect the “dots” for you. It will open your eyes to recognize the underlying cause of the dental problems which you see in your patients, and it will provide you with clear treatment solutions.

It will be a mind-opening experience to realize why patients’ dentition and dental work continues to deteriorate. You will recognize how patients’ findings relate to occlusion, and to the resulting dysfunction of any structure in their mouth and beyond.

Understand the Relevance of Functional Occlusion for Your Daily Practice

With the knowledge you gain in this occlusion course, you will be able to develop treatment plans with higher predictability. It will give you clear guidelines in diagnosis and treatment planning and will help you to develop treatment plans which lead to stable dentistry.

Root Cause of Dental Problems and Comprehensive Treatment Planning

After this occlusion course, you will understand the diagnostic guidelines for successful treatment in any dental discipline.

For orthodontics, this course will show the amazing possibilities for new treatment options avoiding orthognathic surgery, premolar extractions, or long-term retention, and providing options to treat even severe class III, II, open bites and crowding with ease.

This Occlusion Course with Function and TMJ will upgrade your skills in:

> Diagnosis and treatment planning
> Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary Dentistry
> Symptomatic patients, dysfunctional patients
> TMJ, Airway, Bruxism
> Comprehensive treatment of complex cases
> When to treat your patients out of a joint related reference position (RP)
> Avoiding failures in dentistry
> Avoiding chipping of restorations
> Avoiding relapse in orthodontics
> Orthodontics, always a full mouth rehabilitation
> Importance of Early Treatment – new approach
> Functionally stable and esthetically excellent dentistry
> … for more information click “You Will Learn” and  “Your Benefit”

Hands-on Portion of this Occlusion Course:

> Reference Position (RP) – the diagnostic “zero”
> The BruxChecker – an invaluable and simple diagnostic tool
> Predictable and simple method to take a bite in RP
> Reliable and reproducible jaw relation in RP
> Benefit of comprehensive diagnostics for treatment planning
> Preliminary treatment planning based on mounted models and bruxchecker

Come, … Join us, and take this eye-opening course!

You will return to your practice with increased competence in diagnosis and treatment planning and a new perspective for occlusion and its relevance for your daily practice.

Come, …Join us!

For more information, on this Occlusion Course Function TMJ please request the daily agenda to learn more

Course Date
September 27 - 28, 2024
CE Credits 18
Tuition - All Inclusive Course Package
$ 2,980 "Hotel Option"
$ 2,530 "No Hotel Option"
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What our Alumni Say


I came to this course because I needed some CE hours and thought it sounded interesting. I will leave this course completely re-thinking how I practice. This knowledge is incredibly valuable. This should have been the first course I took out of school! I thought I was a good dentist and now I know I can be great! Thank you, Dr. Kraemer and Dr. Guyton.

Brett Williams
General Practitioner, Okotoks, AB, Canada

I appreciated the comprehensive nature of the class. I believe I can now reliably find RP consistently, in the easiest of fashions. I especially like that obtaining RP is without the manipulation of the patient’s jaw, allowing the “human articulator” to provide the proper location. I believe this will allow for more accurate diagnosis and better patient outcomes. Thanks again for a great course. Highly recommended!

Richard Alvarez
General Practitioner, Republic, MO

Dr. Heike Kraemer is an encyclopedia of dental knowledge. I appreciate the honesty and how to apply techniques in practice and expectations management predicted by patient and practitioners.

Tripti Joshi
General Practitioner, Redwood City, CA

This occlusion course has demystified a lot of occlusion concepts that almost every dentist barely understands, coming out of dental school. After this course, every dentist will have a clear starting point and will be able to implement a system that will allow incorporation of complex occlusion concepts in treating every dental patient and help them improve not only their oral health, but also their overall health and well-being.

Byron Jenaro Junio
General Practitioner, Edmonds, WA
Diagnosis-treatment -planning course-dental

Dr. Heike Kraemer is a great teacher. I have attended numerous occlusion courses over the years, but her explanations are simple, precise, and easy to understand, and will be very helpful in implementation in daily practice. I have been needing a workflow for initial diagnosis and treatment planning, and I believe I have found it in this course. Thank you!

Deepak Shetty
General Practitioner, San Jose, CA
airway-dental course

IDEA is the number 1 source of dental CE in my dental career. I appreciate the top dental professionals from all over the world and I have learnt a ton! I will surely be back.


Xiaomei Sui
General Practitioner, Aurora, CO

Amazing pursuit to find the root cause(s).

Alexander Chukreeff
General Practitioner, San Francisco, CA

This course is superb. It debunks the complicated in Occlusion and makes it so relevant to everyday practice. Quality education with a superb educator - Heike was brilliant in a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Nicola Ritchie
General Practitioner, Maidwell, United Kingdom

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