Craniomandibular Orthodontics Sato MEAW GEAW

Heike Kraemer, Dr. med. dent., M.Sc.
Orthodontics-Occlusion-TMJ is the new Foundation of Modern Dentistry. Therefore, it is a relevant subject for any Dentist, Pediatric Dentist, or Orthodontist. Find out what Modern Orthodontics can do for your patients …

Craniomandibular Orthodontics and Occlusion Medicine: The Modern Approach to any kind of Malocclusion, Dysfunction, TMJ and Airway

“Craniomandibular Orthodontics Sato MEAW GEAW” is a concept which sets the paradigm shift to stable orthodontic treatment, to stable dental treatment and to modern dentistry. It changes the game of dental practices from repair dentistry to true comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment.

True Solutions for Dental and Skeletal Problems, TMJ, Airway, and Physical Symptoms

Decades ago, periodontics became the foundation of dental treatment. Today, “Craniomandibular Orthodontics Sato MEAW GEAW” is the foundation of Modern Functional Dentistry. Orthodontics, in the concept of Prof. Sato can achieve treatment goals which cannot be achieved with any other dental discipline.

Craniomandibular Orthodontic Treatment Options:

> Treating dysfunctional patients presenting dental, periodontal or TMJ findings to stable results

> Treating any kind of malocclusions without orthognathic surgery or premolar extraction

> Treating predictably symptomatic patients – eliminating all symptoms

> Successful early treatment in children – directing skeletal and dental growth

> Orthodontic treatment avoiding removable appliances, extra-oral forces, or surgical anchorage

> Orthodontics – unloading TMJ and allowing for beneficial Bruxing

> Opening Airway – a “side product” in Sato Orthodontic approach

> Orthodontic treatment which is stable for life without needing any long-term retention

> Orthodontics in Interdisciplinary Dentistry to minimize treatment needs and optimize outcomes

> Orthodontics prior or in conjunction with restorative dentistry, prosthetics, and periodontics to improve the functional state of the masticatory organ and to support treatment success

> Occlusion Medicine – Orthodontics increasing the life quality of patients through dental treatment achieving physical well-being

> Craniomandibular Orthodontics – functionally stable and esthetically excellent treatment outcomes

Sato Orthodontics - the New Foundation of Dental Treatment

In today’s dentistry, orthodontic treatment should be the basis of treatment for most patients, because most patients are dysfunctional. The cause for dysfunction lies in the dentition itself; this is why patients are consulting dental practices. Sato Orthodontics has, like no other treatment option, the power, knowledge, and tools to disrupt the cycle of this dysfunctional breakdown.

The Concept of Prof. Sato is not competing with conventional orthodontic treatment; it is a tremendous improvement over conventional orthodontic treatment. It represents the Foundation in Modern Dentistry.

In Prof. Sato’s opinion, orthodontics belongs in the hands of any dentist who is interested in comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment for their patients.

Sato Concept - The overall Principles of Modern Dentistry

The Sato Orthodontic concept is not only an orthodontic concept. It is a concept about the overall principles of dentistry. It is a concept which is practice and career changing.

At IDEA, Prof Sato and the IDEA teacher team developed a program to teach his treatment approach and its continued development.

This Orthodontic Program is based on over 40 years of Sato’s research, clinical application, and experience. Prof. Sato and the IDEA teacher team have been in collaboration for 18 years, and clinical development and research in craniomandibular orthodontic and dental treatment continues.

The IDEA Program on Craniomandibular Orthodontics and Occlusion Medicine is teaching the overall Principles of Dentistry:

> the principles of Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Interdisciplinary Dentistry

> the principles of Dysfunction and Malocclusion

> the principles of Interdisciplinary Treatment in Modern Dentistry

> the principles of Development and Growth – a New Perspective

> the principles of Sato Orthodontics

> the principles of Occlusion-Function-TMJ and their impact on the human body

The Integrated Approach to the Masticatory Organ

This concept represents an integrated approach to the masticatory organ and its impact on human dental and physical health. You will be able to improve the lives of many of your patients.

With the knowledge and skills gained through this concept and education, you will achieve treatment results which are impossible to achieve with conventional orthodontic, extensive prosthetic or surgical approaches alone.

Occlusion and Orthodontics are inseparably connected with each other

Occlusion Treatment benefits best from Sato Orthodontics and Orthodontics is always Occlusion Treatment. One is needed to achieve the other. And, keep in mind, ___EVERY Dentist is an Occlusionist. Touching Teeth means Touching Occlusion.

Prof. Sato’s thinking and research is way ahead of anything out in the dental field and will offer you treatment options, which will make you and your practice unique and rewarded by your patients.

All your Patients will benefit from this Knowledge

Orthodontics is always a full mouth rehabilitation and inseparably related to Mandibular Position.
Therefore, orthodontic treatment must be related to the craniomandibular system, to functional occlusion, and to solid functional diagnostics, to result in stable and beneficial treatment outcomes.

Find out how this Advanced Concept is resonating with your Professional Vision and Goals

The IDEA exceptional orthodontic program thoroughly teaches both the theoretical and the practical aspects of Prof. Sato’s concept of orthodontics. While you maintain your practice, you acquire your clinical skills based on our didactic and practical teaching curriculum.

At the end of this program, you will be able to achieve functionally stable treatment outcomes for any patient of any age, from early growing children to seniors, and in any dental discipline, because you learn an occlusion concept which applies to any dental discipline.

Unquestionably, this Program will make you Unique in Your Community

> You can achieve stable treatment outcomes for all your patients, periodontal, orthodontic, restorative, prosthetic.

> You will be able to avoid orthognathic surgery and premolar extractions in any kind of malocclusion.

> You will be able to treat symptomatic patients predictably out of even severe symptoms.

> You will realize that opening Airway or achieving natural Esthetics is a “side product” in this concept.

> You will take care of children and direct their skeletal and dental growth in the favorable direction.

The Benefit of this Occlusion-Orthodontic Program for Your Practice:

> Offer truly minimally invasive dental treatment with Orthodontics

> Treat any kind of Malocclusion and Dysfunction

> Open Airway, unload TMJ, manage Bruxism

> Avoid skeletal malocclusion in young patients – children

> Treat symptomatic patients – TMJ, facial pain, pain in neck, shoulder, posture, headache, migraine, just to name a few symptoms

> Treat dys-gnathic patients by avoiding ortho-gnathic surgery and premolar-extractions

> Minimize the need for restorative work with pre-restorative orthodontics

> Optimize the functional condition and unload surrounding structures

> Increase the success rate in restorative/prosthetic or periodontal treatment

> Achieve long-term stable treatment outcomes in Interdisciplinary Dentistry

> Apply the principles of Craniomandibular Orthodontics and Occlusion Medicine

Make Orthodontics to an important cornerstone of your Interdisciplinary Offerings

This concept and treatment approach is for any patient in your practice independent of age, to benefit from functional and minimally invasive occlusion treatment provided in a comprehensive, predictable and long-term stable way.

Welcome to the Era of Occlusion Medicine!

Today, “Sato – Orthodontics” became a fundamental cornerstone for restorative, prosthetic, periodontal, and surgical dentistry. “Sato -Orthodontics” supports any dental discipline to achieve their treatment goals, because you can set the patient in a functional state.

Through his tremendous, significant, and relevant research in Orthodontics and Bruxism, headed to Occlusion Medicine, it is safe to say that Prof. Sato is the world’s most recognized orthodontist today.

“Prof. Sato Orthodontics” – the Gold Standard in Modern Functional Dentistry

The IDEA program is teaching Sadao Sato’s approach which combines diagnostics and treatment planning of modern occlusion and a different perspective of growth and development.

Through alterations of occlusion plane, posterior vertical dimension, and mandibular position, through applying the individual functional information, through using the principles of adaptation and compensation, through using unique mechanics (MEAW, GEAW), incredible treatment results can be achieved.

For example, in the Sato concept the treatment of class III Open Bites is the easiest case to treat and ideal for beginners.

Mechanics, Tools, and Wires

The use of the

  • MEAW technique (Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire)
  • GEAW technique (Gummetal Edgewise Arch Wire)

facilitate achieving the treatment goals.

The mechanics in the Sato concept are simple and treatment works with only a few tools. Removable appliances, extra-oral forces, or surgical anchorage are not needed in this approach.

The treatment is gentle. The design of the wires allows for three-dimensional movement of each tooth independently. This provides multiple treatment options simultaneously and achieves low forces on teeth and surrounding structures. Therefore, recessions and root resorptions are seldom, and treatment progress is faster.

Dental Treatment Success lies in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

The key to dental treatment success lies in the diagnostic approach.

An important part in the Sato concept is the integration of functional diagnostics. With functional information, the underlying cause of a patient’s dysfunctional occlusion becomes easily evident and clear treatment plans can be developed. From here every case becomes ‘easy”, because a “red line” is guiding the path.

The combination of functional diagnostics, the sophisticated treatment concept, and the simple but powerful mechanics allows for treatment results which are impossible to achieve for any other interdisciplinary approach.

Functional diagnostics is fundamental in dental treatment planning and a big part of long-term stable treatment success, because it guides from dysfunction to a healthy functional state.

Functional Occlusion Concept – the basis for dental treatment of any dental discipline

Some dentists registered for this program are experienced orthodontists, who are not satisfied with their orthodontic results, or the stability of their results. They want more tools on their belt to better treat their patients.

They want to treat even severe Class III, Class II, Open Bite, and MLD patients without orthognathic surgery, no extractions, no extraoral forces, and resulting in a Class I occlusion with 12 to 24 months of treatment and requiring only short retention and remaining stable for life.

The “Sato” Concept is eye-opening to formal conventional orthodontic education and supported with tremendous research. At IDEA, Roberto Velazquez, Miles Guyton, Prof. Sato, and Heike Kraemer are teaching this world-renowned approach to dentists and orthodontists from around the world.

This Concept will make you to the “To go” Practice in Your Area

The orthodontist, Roberto Velasquez is the Director of the IDEA Orthodontic Program. He is directly collaborating and researching with Prof. Sato since over 30 years. His treatment results are second to none, beautiful, stable, and treated in short times.

It is safe to say that Roberto Velasquez might be one of the best practicing orthodontists around today. At the same time, he is a thorough researcher and gifted teacher in sharing his tremendous expertise.

Sato Orthodontics - a tremendous improvement over conventional orthodontic treatment

“The IDEA Orthodontic Program with Roberto Velasquez, Miles Guyton, Heike Kraemer, and Sadao Sato is not competing with conventional orthodontic treatment; it is a tremendous improvement over conventional orthodontic treatment.
Almost all the patients being treated at the IDEA Faculty Clinic – Center for Craniomandibular Dentistry and Occlusion Medicine have been treated previously with traditional orthodontics. They present us with headaches, TMJ pain, pain in their neck and shoulders, altered condylar morphology, and an occlusion (or better malocclusion) that is not stable.
With our diagnostics and orthodontic treatment in Sato’s approach, the malocclusions are corrected, the condyles remodel, the occlusion is long term stable, and the patients’ symptoms are gone.”
Bob Lamb*, Periodontist, Visionary and Founder of IDEA

Make what is possible to your own reality!

This advanced, evidenced-based, clinical Orthodontic Program is your best option to learn excellence in both, functional and esthetic dentistry.

Request the Curriculum for this Three-Year Program.

Craniomandibular Orthodontics and Occlusion Medicine: The Modern Approach to any kind of Malocclusion, Dysfunction, TMJ and Airway

Clinical Director: Roberto Velaquez, D.D.M, M.Sc., Ph.D, Orthodontist
Benefit from over 30 years’ experience in clinical application, research, and personal collaboration with Prof. Sato

Teacher Team:

Maximum 16 Participants – Only a Few Seats Left!

If you consider taking this “Career Highlight” Program, you should contact us soon to register. Contact us to find out that this program matches what you are looking for.

This Program is your Best Investment in Yourself and in Your Practice

We are here to answer your questions, to facilitate your registration or develop a payment plan for you. You can also register online.

Based on our own journey, we can assure you that attending “Sato – Orthodontics” will be a career and practice changing experience.

We Welcome you in our Group!

Roberto Velasquez, D.D.M, M.Sc., Ph.D., Miles Guyton, D.D.S., Heike Kraemer, Dr. med. dent., M.Sc.

3-Year Program in Orthodontics related to Functional Occlusion and the Cranio-Mandibular System: The Modern Approach to any kind of Malocclusion and Dysfunction

2024-2026: Starts March, 13 – 16 & May 15 – 18, June 19 – 22, September 11 – 14, December 4 – 7

Continues every Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec; 2025-26 TBD

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